Diamond Upgrade: Everything You Need To Know Before Upgrading The Diamond in Your Engagement Ring

If your love grew over the years as a result of a healthy marriage, why shouldn't your engagement ring’s center stone?

An engagement ring diamond upgrade is a powerful method to mark a meaningful milestone in your relationship or simply make a brighter statement on your ring finger.

Are you pondering, “Can I put a bigger diamond on my ring?” — Buchroeders answers this question with a resounding yes!

To upgrade diamond size or even transform the design of your ring, here's a practical guide to shine a light on this topic.

Does diamond upgrade work with any type of ring setting?

The answer relies pretty much on the type of setting on your engagement ring in terms of technical aesthetics.

diamond engagement bezel

To illustrate this better, let’s look at the bezel setting. This style features a metallic frame that serves as a nest, contouring your diamond. 

Suppose your ring is set with this technique, and you are requesting an engagement ring diamond upgrade

With this scenario, the bench jeweler must deconstruct the metallic frame to build a wider one with added metal that will host your new diamond.

Conversely, the Prong setting typically featured on the classic solitaire design presents flexibility for a diamond upgrade because the “claws” holding your center stone can be a simpler task when compared to the bezel setting.

diamond bezel ring design

For a ring decorated with pavé diamonds on the shank — the top part may require the removal of some of its micro diamonds (in the bridge area) to make space for your new gem at the center.

Therefore, we deem it substantial to reflect on these design aspects first and question ourselves:

  • Am I simply upgrading diamond size
  • Will it require remodeling my ring?

How much does it cost to replace diamond in ring?

The price to upgrade the diamond on your ring directly depends on your new sparkling stone's desired Carat size and other quality characteristics. 

As a good rule of thumb, the heavier the diamond measured in Carat, the more pricey it will be.

The amount of money you will be investing in re-designing a ring to harbor a bigger diamond may range anywhere from $500 to $3000. This rough estimate includes labor time for reworking your ring setting. 

Other factors influencing price include using expensive precious metals (ex: platinum, titanium), adding pavé-set stone on the shank, or additional diamonds on the ring’s head like the case of a three-stone setting.

Bear in mind that the larger, the clearer, and the more skillfully cut your diamond is — the more expensive, as each of these elements impact price individually. 

It’s never a good idea to try determining cost by thinking that a single carat compared to a 2 Carat will cost double. This is simply not the case.
lab grown diamonds

The quality and rarity characteristics of every diamond can shape the pricing element; therefore, it’s essential to learn about the 4Cs on our educational page to make an informed decision.

At Buchroeders, you have the prestige of working with an experienced jeweler who will consider your specified budget and present you with every possible option available for your investment.

For instance, lab grown diamonds are approximately 25-45% more inexpensive than natural diamonds. Still, they tend to lose worth significantly over the years due to global mass-production scale and poor resale value.

Going with a lab grown diamond ring may be cheaper to get a larger diamond short-term, but not the best choice for a long-term investment.

Diamond upgrade: Can I re-design my ring while at it? 

design of diamond ring

Yes, you can switch your ring’s setting to a totally distinct style from its original design and structure.

Just remember trusting a skilled jeweler with experience in custom-made work can make a world of difference.

As a consumer, we understand that you want a certain degree of reassurance regarding the end result of your ring because of what your ring could mean to you.

That’s why here at Buchroeders, you’ll be working with an expert custom engagement ring designer who will bring your vision to reality in an easy step-by-step process.

First, we will show you a CAD illustration (computer image) of the new design or even let you try on a 3D-printed version of your future ring in wax or castable resin.

You may search online for “jewelry stores near me” and see multiple Columbia jewelry stores to choose from. However, we believe it’s crucial to trust one that has knowledgeable master jewelers on staff.

An expert bench jeweler with hands-on experience with customization will do a flawless job and give you an almost brand-new-looking ring.

Diamond upgrade: Important questions to reflect on

Before making your move regarding a diamond upgrade, here are a few brain-picking questions:

  • How big of a diamond do I want?
  • Will I consider a new diamond shape/cut?
  • Will I change my engagement ring setting style?
  • Do I want another metal color for my ring’s band?
  • Do I need additional diamonds or other gemstones?
  • What is my maximum budget?
  • Can I trust my local jeweler to do the job right?

Once you get answers to the above questions, it will ease the approach of upgrading diamond in engagement ring and seeking the magic touch of a creative-minded and customer-friendly custom engagement ring designer by Buchroeders lead engagement ring designer. May I sell my diamond once I replace it with a new one?

Yes, you may sell us your old diamond. Our expert assessors will help you unveil the genuine worth of that diamond in the aftermarket and have realistic expectations on the return you can get.

The determining factors of diamond assessment include the cut, clarity grades, carat weight, and color aspects. Each of these factors makes up a significant portion of how the current liquid value of your diamond is determined. 

An alternative option to selling outright is to trade your diamond for a more valuable one. If your diamond is from Buchroeders Jewelers and is earth-mined — we can offer you our dollar-for-dollar Diamond Upgrade Privilege Program.

Before you go…

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