Mills Menser: Innovating Fine Jewelry in Missouri & Beyond

Mills has been immersed in the jewelry industry his entire existence. At an early age, he became active in his family’s jewelry operation, Buchroeders Jewelers.

At 24, Mills purchased the company from his father — an innovative chapter in the company’s history was about to be set in motion.

Mills was determined to transform the traditional retail model, into a modern, high-volume bridal boutique with a data-driven, omnichannel approach to cater to the rapidly changing preferences of today and tomorrows consumer.

In 2007, he founded Diamond Banc — which now operates nationwide to provide consumers an unrivaled menu of options to access the liquidity their fine jewelry possesses. Diamond Banc has grown to include over a half dozen offices throughout the US and is continually expanding into key markets nationwide.

The deep alliance with Diamond Banc ensures that the most coveted & competitively priced pieces are reserved for Buchroeders clients.

Menser has a passion for acquiring exquisite diamonds, luxury watches, & high jewelry to provide Buchroeders clients with the combination of true value and a customer-driven experience.