We are a full service jewelry repair, restoration, & customization house. Our master bench jeweler specializes in jewelry repairs of all types. Our in-house repair center contains state of the art machinery, tools, & equipment to ensure that your special piece is repaired correctly and timely.

Jesse The Jeweler

Knowing your jeweler is 125+ years long established, respected, dependable, and experienced goes a long way when it comes to dropping off your jewelry and valued timepieces for repair.

Our Master Bench Jeweler has been with us for over 20 years. When it comes to jewelry, the small details matter most. With his deep experience and attention to detail, we are able to offer the best restoration & jewelry repair services in the midwest and beyond.


Our commitment to service goes beyond the sale. When it comes to the pieces you love, we understand how much that means to you. It's why we take great pride in keeping your treasured jewelry looking its best — because maintaining your trust is important to us, and we want to earn it again and again.


When it comes to jewelry restoration, we know the importance of quality craftsmanship. We are here to give new life to your damaged jewelry. Simply bring in your worn or broken pieces and our in-house master bench jeweler will give you a personal consultation and quote for your specific piece of jewelry.


Ring Sizing
Prong Re-tipping
Stone Resetting
Stone Replacement
Jewelry Finishing
Soldering Rings
Chain Soldering
Clasp Replacement
Watch Batteries
Watch Repair
Watch Sizing
Pearl Restringing