Meet Our Diamond Experts

Seth Lindenbusch


Seth has been a cherished member of our family for nearly a decade, and his warm, engaging presence is sure to make you feel right at home during your visit to the store. A passionate CrossFit enthusiast and poker player—often with a beer in hand—Seth is always sporting his signature, infectious smile that effortlessly brightens up any room!

An achievement I'm most proud of:

Rolling 3 Yahtzee’s in one game!

Favorite piece of jewelry:

My Rolex Yatch Master

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Adam Bostick


With over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Adam's expertise ensures you are in excellent hands. He has the ability to translate a customer’s blurred vision for a design concept into a solidly-built, stunning piece of jewelry.

My Superpowers Include:

The ability to survive in a house of women being the only male!

Favorite Piece Of Jewelry:

My diamond eternity inlay wedding ring

Hidden Talent:

I have the ability to recreate almost any dish in the kitchen after trying it just once.

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Jesse Miller


Also known as Jesse The Jeweler, he is the mastermind behind every handcrafted custom design and restoration work done. His magic touch is essential to the quality craftsmanship that distinguishes each of our creations.

Favorite Project To Date:

My wife's ring features a unique touch, incorporating a Bat Symbol to honor her love for Batman.

A Fun Fact About Me:

Having been born into a family where my grandfather owned a college specializing in jewelry making and horology (watchmaking), I have been immersed in the industry from the very beginning.

Meet Jesse

Tommy Wolfe


As a recent graduate from the University of Missouri, Tommy has plunged headfirst into the jewelry industry, fueled by a passion for design and a commitment to delivering exactly what customers desire.

What I Bring To The Table:

Don't let my young age fool you—my dedication to customer service and meticulous attention to detail are second to none.

Favorite Piece Of Jewelry:

A gift from my father when I graduated, my Seiko Date Kinetic is more precious to me than any Rolex because of its personal significance.

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John Hollembeak


John is firmly committed to demonstrating unwavering professionalism and providing exceptional, above-and-beyond customer service at every interaction.

An Achievement I'm Most Proud Of:

President of Columbia Northwest Rotary 2020-2021

What I Bring To The Table:

I'm a gardening enthusiast with an embarrassing amount of trivial knowledge when it’s game time!

Favorite Piece Of Jewelry:

My wife's diamond wedding ring


Behind The Diamonds

Angie Salzman

Chief Financial Officer

Claire Dinwiddie

Director of Marketing

Arika Smith

Marketing Lead

Devin Smith

Director of Operations

Mia Thep

Photographer & Inventory Specialist

Kyle Cook

VP, Buying Division

Eric Sims

Accounting Coordinator

Christine Weimer

Transaction Coordinator