Custom Engagement Ring: A Guide To Designing A Piece Uniquely Yours

If you and your soulmate both agree that your love story is truly a unique one, then you deserve a custom engagement ring to celebrate this fact.

Nothing is more meaningful than having your own bespoke bridal masterpiece sit elegantly on your ring finger. Imagine a piece like no other, thoughtfully designed to depict your romantic union, your way.

Not only that, a custom engagement ring is entirely tailored to your budget, requirements, and personal inspiration. We know how excited or nervous you may be to begin this journey and the significance of this chapter in your wedding planning. 

In this short guide, we will provide you with tips and insights so you can confidently design and build your own engagement ring with Buchroeders — And why should you do it through us!

We listen to you & begin brainstorming ideas for design inspiration

The greatest benefit to build your own engagement ring with Buchroeders is that you are greeted by our in-house diamond experts & custom engagement ring designer in a one-on-one setting that’s both comforting and personable.

Our design team loves suggesting ideas during the brainstorming stage. You may know exactly what you want — or you may not, and that’s OK! Our goal is to listen to couples attentively and pick up on any potential piece of the puzzle for your final design.

We have industry professionals who understand the trends, materials inside out, techniques & quality craftsmanship needed so you can build your own engagement ring with confidence. Don’t hold back from asking questions or bringing forward an important detail you deem essential in the design stage.


The most common types of custom designs we do are original designs, inspired by a combination of multiple design elements. You can browse our Custom Inspiration gallery right here on This gallery features various models of the most prevalent custom engagement ring creations we’ve created here in-house.

If you’re already holding onto visual references and specifications concerning the design but you are outside of Columbia, Missouri — Feel free to email us at or simply contact us here.

We can set up a free virtual appointment to discuss your custom engagement ring and pass on the details to our designers who will recreate the design via CAD technology (computer-aided design) and share a photorealistic render of your model for the initial review.

Need sources of inspiration? You can browse our vast selection of in-stock proposal-ready rings, our custom engagement rings page, or visit our official Instagram @buchroeders.

Diamond and/or Gemstone Education & Selection

Before we guide you through the selection process, we always take the moment to educate you on the diamond 4 C’s. On a budget? Excellent. Our diamond experts will ensure you gain the highest value for your dollar as we price diamonds not on the beauty aspect but on rarity.

This is why we believe in creating a custom engagement ring versus buying one that’s ready-made because it will provide you the flexibility to select a gemstone or diamond without overpaying. 

So, how big (carat) of a diamond do you want? What about clarity and shape? If these terms sound a little unfamiliar or you wish to refresh your mind, keep reading!




Carat is the unit that measures the weight of your stone, often misinterpreted for size. The larger the diamond, the higher the carat weight and the more pricey it would be in consequence.


Diamonds may look transparent at first sight; however, many of them come with slight yellowish or brownish shades. Color is graded with reference to the GIA color scale that runs from D (entirely colorless) to a Z (yellowish tint). The less color, simply put, the higher the grade.


The clarity characteristic in the 4 C’s, classifies the level of transparency when light passes via without being spoiled in its brilliance by tiny inclusion. 

These can be blemishes and spots in the rock itself. The fewer imperfections, the more ease for light movement between facets, avoiding obstacles to reflect better.


Cut means the geometrical characteristic of the rough diamond once the final physical shaping stage is complete. Every shape is unique in its own way and shares different levels of popularity in the market.

Most known and sought-after shapes

Round Brilliant Cut

Round cuts are specifically shaped to reflect light on all 58 facets for superb brilliance.

Emerald Cut

The name originally derives from the classic emerald cut on the famous green gem to highlight and honor this shape.

Cushion Cut 

The dazzling pillow-shaped cut. A beautiful squarish stone with rounded edges, classic and timeless.

Oval Cut 

Oval cuts have long been considered fancy with their curved edges and elongated design, offering as much fire and sparkle as rounded ones.

Heart Cut

If you wish to express your unconditional love and commitment to the fullest, why not do it with the timeless symbol of a heart shape?

types of diamond shape

Radiant Cut 

The dazzling square-shaped cut corners and facet patterns give the diamond a broadly higher level of brilliance.

Marquise Cut 

This dazzling football-shaped cut is sure to sit elegantly on the ring finger, giving it an elongated effect with two narrow, pointed ends.

Princess Cut 

Princess cuts have a square or rectangular shape with an inverted pyramid motif when gazed from the side!

Pear Cut 

Legendary for its teardrop shape with a tapered pointed top, the pear-cut is the wise alternative for women with a fondness for luxury and fashion. 

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut resembles the emerald cut, only with a squared-shaped body, wider step facets, and an “X” motif when looked at from above.

Precious Metal Best Suiting Your Individual Style

The choice of metal color depends completely on your individual lifestyle, skin color and personal taste overall. White gold is a favored color for engagement rings, but yours may also be Rose Gold or the classic Yellow Gold.

Other factors such as skin health should be noted. Does the person receiving the ring have sensitive skin? In such cases, Platinum is a wise choice to avoid possible skin reactions like irritation, considering it will be worn for a long period of time.

Precious Metal Best Suiting

Most Popular Types Of Precious Metals For A Ring

White Gold

If you already cherish Sterling Silver, this is a perfect option. White Gold appears cool with colored gemstones and makes timeless engagement rings. 

Rose Gold

Alloyed with copper to give it a pink, exquisite grapefruit hue, the Rose Gold breathes modernity and makes dream engagement rings come true.

Yellow Gold

Mother Nature produces gold in a yellow shade and has been the metal color of choice in jewelry crafting since the dawn of civilization. 


Clean, elegant with a beautiful white-silvery tone, Platinum is the most robust choice of metal to go with for building an heirloom quality, custom engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Settings: Choosing Amongst Many!

Now that you’ve picked the perfect gemstone, precious metal, and color, it’s time to choose an engagement setting that is unique to your individual taste and personal lifestyle!

You also need to consider the everyday wear and tear aspect. For example, if someone’s job forces the regular use of hands, a bezel-setting would be a smarter design due to the center stone protective element.

Furthermore, you may want something simple and delicate like this Hidden Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring designed in-house.

yellow gold diamond ring

How do you want your rock set? 

Prong Setting 

The most commonly used and popular is indeed the prong setting technique — The tiny signature claw-like prongs holding the gemstone can also come as doubles and even triple prongs.

Bezel Setting 

As mentioned earlier, the bezel setting features a design where the gemstone is surrounded by a metallic frame, protecting the center while boasting a sleek, contemporary look.

Channel Setting 

A channel setting means that a band has a channel or ident in which small stones are set and secured between two metal bars. The center stone will be set in a different style. View our women's wedding bands here.

Tension Setting 

Daring and edgy in its design, the tension setting highlights the center stone in an almost floating-in-the-air fashion. It may look precarious at first glance, but it is risk-free from falling if the job is done by a skillful Master Jeweler.

Style of Engagement Ring

Pick a Style of Engagement Ring Fit For You


The solitaire structure is a classically-recognized style of an engagement ring in bridal jewelry. One gemstone on a simple, channel-set or pave-set band. We can create custom bands featuring particular engravings or motifs inspired by a special theme.


The Halo design features an angelic ring of diamonds encircling your preferred center gemstone or diamond. Love for extra shine? This glamour & glitz style is sure to make scintillating statements!

Three Stone

Three-stone engagement rings are built with a large center stone and two more undersized stones on either side to represent friendship, love, and fidelity.

Split Shank

>Split-shank engagement rings are considered trendy and common among celebrities. The gorgeous band splitting halfway across the band creates chic aesthetics.


Twisted Engagement Rings

An engagement ring with a twist or braided band featuring the shank in a criss-cross pattern, whether plain band or set with pave diamonds. 

Low-Profile Pave

Low-Profile Pave styles feature an elegant, tiny band design set with micro diamonds to add punch to your center stone.


Why not clustered diamonds arranged elegantly in a gorgeous pattern for a completely unique engagement ring style? From an assortment of uneven-sized to tiny micro diamonds graduating, making space for creative designs!

Inspired by Nature

Nature-inspired engagement rings carry inspiration from elements of mother nature like animals, plants (such as twigs, flowers, & leaves), mountains, icebergs, the sea, tornados, lightning strikes, deserts, and the solar system, etc.


Artisan-inspired, heirloom-quality engagement rings have an organic, raw, and uncut feel to their design with non-symmetrical and unique patterns or engravings.

Vintage Style

Vintage-inspired engagement rings are highly influenced by the renaissance period and Art Deco, which feature unique geometric diamond shapes, including baguette cuts, triangles, hexagons, marquise, and antique-inspired designs over the piece.

Should Your Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Match?

Custom Engagement Ring Going the extra mile means being continually creative, innovative, and limitless when we design. Your bespoke bridal jewelry can become a collection if you wish to design a custom wedding band that naturally matches the engagement ring.

One of the greatest advantages of creating matchable bridal sets is that you are saving time and money if you decide to do it while you design & build your own engagement ring

You are hitting two birds with one stone here. If you are on a budget but find this alternative interesting, we may even offer you a deal for creating both rings together. 

Buchroeders has the expertise, team, and resources to ensure your momentous purchase only comes with maximum value to you, our beloved customer.

Trusting the right jeweler for quality craftsmanship & timely delivery

Visit Buchroeders to design a very special piece with confidence. We believe you deserve to buy with confidence by trusting a jeweler whose true focus only lies in offering you an individualistic approach, compelling product value, and an electrifying customer experience.  

We know how hectic wedding planning can be; this is why we want to make this chapter of your to-do list the most exciting one!

Visit Buchroeders to design a very special piece with confidence. We believe you deserve to buy with confidence by trusting a jeweler whose true focus only lies in offering you an individualistic approach, compelling product value, and an electrifying customer experience.  

We know how hectic wedding planning can be; this is why we want to make this chapter of your to-do list the most exciting one!

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What’s amazing about our bespoke bridal services is the level of versatility of Sara Sarno, our lead custom engagement ring designer. In her own words, "I take your thoughts, images, inspiration & turn it into a 3D concept. We can edit or change directions entirely until you give the final approval.”.

There may be other jewelers in Columbia MO, but none have the decades-long expertise that Buchroeders carries over. We have a team of creative enthusiasts who are passionate about designing the ring of your dream or even surprising you by exceeding your expectations!

We have the most extensive selection of in-store loose diamonds in the entire state of Missouri and specialize in engagement ring customization in a friendly, customer-driven, and professional manner.

Want to chat about design ideas with our experts? Schedule an online virtual appointment or come visit us in person at our flagship location.