A Guide to Elongated Diamond Engagement Rings

It’s no secret. We’ve been obsessing over elongated diamonds. Although round-shaped diamonds will always hold a place in our hearts, elongated diamonds have emerged as a major trend for engagement rings in 2022. However, a number of different diamond shapes fall under the broader category of elongated diamonds. We are breaking down elongated diamonds with a list of the top five most popular elongated diamond shapes. 

Elongated Diamond Engagement Rings

Regardless of the specifics of the elongated diamond shape you choose, all of these settings provide a handful of specific key features. Specifically, elongated shapes offer an elevated alternative to more traditional round brilliant engagement rings, or other shorter styles. From an aesthetic perspective, elongated engagement rings offer a unique and sophisticated appearance that differs from more traditional styles. Additionally, the extended shape and clean lines of elongated diamonds, such as the emerald cut shape, create a lengthened impression, thus making a wearer’s fingers appear longer. Moreover, elongated shapes tend to offer the highest surface area per carat, meaning that elongated shapes give the impression of looking larger without actually being larger. This, in turn, can help conserve expenses as carat weight tends to directly impact the cost of an engagement ring. 

Here are five of our favorite elongated engagement ring shapes:

1. Radiant Shaped Diamonds 
Radiant Shaped Diamonds

If you are considering the sophistication of the emerald cut ring but your heart is set on plenty of brilliant sparkle, radiant diamonds may be the best choice. Radiant cut diamond engagement rings combine the distinctive shape of an emerald cut diamond with the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond. This diamond shape features a number of deep-cut facets. These facets ensure that the diamond catches, and reflects, copious amounts of light, creating a fiery appearance. 
Although radiant cut diamonds stand out as one of the most recently developed diamond shapes (the style only dates back to 1977) with its elevated shape and surplus of eye-catching shine, radiant cut diamonds offer a timeless appeal.
2. Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds 
Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds

Elongated cushion cuts remain among the rarest elongated shapes. Technically, there is no such thing as an “elongated” cushion cut diamond; however, cushion cut diamonds may be cut in an extended oblong shape, contributing to an elongated appearance. 

Although the length of a cushion cut diamond may vary from one diamond to another, all cushion cut diamonds feature the same 58 facets. These facets ensure that a cushion-cut diamond offers high levels of brilliance bringing an extra sense of drama to the style perfect for the true romantic.

3. Emerald Cut Diamonds
Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emeralds stand out among other elongated shapes as the most popular of the elongated diamonds. This engagement ring shape features a step-cut shape, which contributes to a sophisticated “hall of mirrors” effect. Although this effect offers clean and angular lines that capture light while simultaneously showcasing a diamond’s clarity. It should be noted, however, this “hall of mirrors” effect hinders the sparkle of a ring, offering clean lines in lieu of vast sparkle.

4. Marquise-Shaped Diamonds 
Marquise-Shaped Diamonds

Marquise diamonds are having a moment. Although this style was once associated with engagement rings from the past. This shape was originally popularized in the 18th century. Famously, the marquise diamond shape was invented after King Louis XV requested a diamond in the shape of the lips of his lover, Madame de Pompadour. 

Marquise engagement rings have held popular since, although they reached a peak in popularity in the 1970s. Today, the marquise shape has begun to appeal to a new crowd, as this diamond shape has taken the world by storm, as demand for this diamond shape has continued to spike in the 2020s.

5. Oval Shaped Diamonds 
Oval Shaped Diamonds

Finally, oval-shaped diamonds have emerged as a formidably popular engagement ring shape in recent years. Oval-shaped diamonds combine the soft lines of a round brilliant diamond without sacrificing the beauty of an oblong diamond. Oval diamonds feature the same number of facets as a traditional round diamond, ensuring that these diamonds shine bright. These diamond shapes are particularly likely to appeal to individuals who love the classic styles of round diamonds but are looking for a fresh twist on the style. 

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