Engagement Ring Trends to Watch in 2022

Wedding Season is upon us once again. Here are 7 key engagement ring trends to watch for. 

A diamond is forever, or so the old saying goes; however, many brides also seek to incorporate modern trends into their engagement ring design. From two-stone engagement rings to unique shapes like oval, emerald and marquise and baguette styles, and sustainably sourced diamonds, here are 7 engagement ring trends certain to make a splash in 2022.

  1. Consider a Moi et Toi Engagement Ring Setting

Perhaps no trend is as ubiquitous in 2022 as the Moi et Toi engagement ring. Instead of simply featuring one center diamond, the Moi et Toi setting features two center stones, side-by-side, allowing for double the sparkle. This two-stone engagement ring is perfect for the non-traditional couple looking for an unexpected engagement ring. This French-inspired style can feature two white diamonds or two brightly colored gemstones. Nevertheless, the most popular Moi et Toi setting styles incorporate one diamond and one colorful gemstone. Most notably, Megan Fox has embraced a Moi et Toi engagement ring combining both a diamond and an emerald center stones; however, the striking two stone engagement ring trend has also been adopted by celebrities including Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski. Even the iconic Jackie O favored a two-stone engagement ring in her bridal jewelry from John F. Kennedy, indicating the long-term appeal of this engagement ring trend.

  1. Incorporate Pearls into an Engagement Ring


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Pearls are having a serious moment when it comes to wedding planning, as Pinterest has reported a 300% increase in the search term “pearl wedding” in 2022 already; but, pearls are also a major trend in engagement rings. As celebrities including Emma Stone and Ariana Grande have endorsed the trend, it’s easy to see why engagement rings featuring pearls have become popular. It should be noted that pearl engagement rings require a little more care compared to a diamond. These gemstones are more delicate than their more traditional counterparts. Pearls can lose their luster over time and are softer. Compared to a diamond, which is considered a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, pearls rank between 2.5 and 4.5. This means that they are at a higher risk of coming loose from their setting. However, if you have your heart set on a pearl engagement ring, this engagement ring trend can add a touch of elegance to your bridal jewelry.

  1. Incorporate Pearls into an Engagement Ring

    Diamond Ring

If you picture the idea of an “engagement ring”, chances are you picture a round center diamond in a solitaire setting. However, there are a wide number of alternative diamond shapes to incorporate into your bridal jewelry. A “fancy” shape diamond refers to all diamond shapes other than a round brilliant cut diamond. From art deco-inspired emerald-shaped diamonds to the classic oval-shaped diamond engagement ring, there is a fancy-shaped diamond to fit any aesthetic.  

In 2022, we’ve seen an increased interest in elongated fancy shape engagement rings, such as emerald cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, marquise-shaped diamonds, and oval cut diamonds. Although round brilliant cut diamonds offer a classic appeal, google search interest in round center diamonds has decreased roughly 40% from 2015 to 2022. In comparison, interest in elongated shapes such as oval and emerald cut engagement rings has increased in search interest over this same window. Here at Buchroeders, we have observed the same trend among our clients, as consumers are increasingly opting for elongated fancy shapes within their engagement rings.

Elongated shapes can offer several benefits. As these shapes offer a lengthened surface area, they may be more shallow compared to round diamonds of a similar carat weight. This means that a customer can get an elongated shape that looks larger for the same price as a comparably sized round diamond. Moreover, this style can help to elongate the look of your fingers, due to the contour of the diamond.


  1. Choose an Engagement Ring with Baguette Shaped Diamond Accents

Much like the Moi et Toi setting, baguette diamonds are another French-inspired engagement ring trend that is having a major moment in 2022. Baguette engagement rings radiate elegance. This diamond shape is narrow and lengthy, and can be used to accent a striking center diamond. They are most frequently used in three stone designs, with two baguettes featured on either side of a focal diamond. Baguettes may be worn either side by side to a center diamond, or in an east west setting, with the long side on the length of the band for a classic three stone setting. However, baguette shaped diamonds may also be utilized in a halo setting for a bride who yearns for an art deco style. 

Baguette diamonds may also be used in wedding bands, such as an eternity band, where diamonds run along the entirety of a band, front and back.

  1. Add Some Eternity Bands for Added Sparkle

Speaking of eternity bands… We have seen a strong preference for eternity bands in bridal jewelry. Although many brides appreciate an eternity band featured next to a more classic engagement ring, untraditional brides are increasingly opting for an engagement band.

An engagement band, refers to the use of an eternity band instead of a traditional ring with a center diamond. This trend can offer understated glamor for individuals who are looking for a more unique engagement ring. 

We have also seen increased demand for the bridal stack, where brides combine their engagement ring, women's wedding band, and an eternity band all on one finger for an extra splash of sparkle.

  1. Give Your Engagement Ring a Personal Touch

From micro weddings and elopements to incorporating meaningful moments into more expected wedding traditions, such as the guestbook, event planners have seen a major shift toward more personalized weddings. This trend is particularly prevalent within engagement rings. An increasing number of couples have opted for custom made, one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Designing a custom ring allows a couple to create a ring that carries immense emotional meaning. You wear your engagement ring every day, so many couples want a style that reflects their love for one another. Moreover, the process of creating a custom engagement ring is easy.

Since a customer is creating their own ring from scratch, it’s important to work with a jeweler you trust throughout the process of designing a custom engagement ring. A good custom jeweler will take the time to listen, to help a customer discover exactly what they are looking for in a custom ring. You may also want to consider working with a jeweler who offers a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you can easily exchange your ring if anything is not 100% to your liking.

  1. Sustainably Sourced Diamonds

In 2022, ethical sourcing remains of great significance especially when it comes to engagement rings. Diamond mining has garnered something of a dirty reputation. And for good reason. The traditional diamond supply chain has been shown to contribute to soil erosion, ecological and political disturbances, and deforestation. As these effects have become increasingly well-known, we have seen growing interest in more sustainable diamond options, a trend that we predict will last long into 2022 and beyond. 

Although alternatives to traditional diamond mining have emerged in the form of lab-grown diamonds, these alternatives tend to be resource-intensive, as the process of forming a diamond in a lab requires copious amounts of energy, which is often derived from fossil fuels. Instead, environmentally conscious consumers may consider a reclaimed diamond. These diamonds may come from a previous owner, or obtained from another primary source, such as unsold inventory from another jeweler; however, these diamonds may be set into a custom engagement ring.

Buchroeders specializes in the use of reclaimed diamonds. Our exclusive supply chain means that a consumer can use diamonds where there is no direct environmental cost to using an authentic, earth grown, diamond, giving these striking diamonds a new life in an entirely one-of-a-kind engagement ring style perfect for each unique individual. 

We are dedicated to working with our customers to design the engagement ring of their dreams. We strive to help our clients to get the most from their budget.We are dedicated to working with our customers to design the engagement ring of their dreams. We strive to help our clients to get the most from their budget. To offer additional peace of mind to our client we also provide customers with our Gotta Love It Guarantee. We want you to love your ring, so we allow our customers to credit the price of their original ring towards a new setting of your choice.. We want you to love your ring, so we allow our customers to credit the price of their original ring towards a new setting of your choice. 

See some of our favorite sustainably sourced custom designs for yourself, and get started designing the engagement ring of your dreams.