Frequently Asked Questions: Buchroeders Jewelers


No. One advantage of building a custom engagement ring is that you have control over the value-adding factors considering you have the ability to hand pick every single aspect of the engagement ring.

On the other hand, Buchroeders carries a carefully curated collection of in-house proposal-ready rings, fancy rings, and fine jewelry from some of the best designer names.

Buchroeders offers insurance on your purchased jewelry items via our own owned & operated in-house company Assurance Jewelry Protection. When you buy online or in-store, the option is available upon request, Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Yes 100%. Our Gotta Love It Guarantee means we should have never let you leave our store in the first place! Any purchase from Buchroeders comes with a 30-day tryout period and if you’ve changed your mind for any reason, bring it in because our jewelry consultants want to make sure you leave happy and confident.

We ship everything securely by two day mail via UPS or the USPS and require an adult signature of 21 or above. Excludes loose diamonds brought in on a refundable deposit.

Best practice we would recommend is calling us directly at (573) 443-1457 and an expert jewelry consultant will gladly provide assistance.

You can also book a virtual appointment or send us a message directly via our contact page.

Honestly speaking, we still think word of mouth is still the best method! But if you really wish to take it up a notch, leaving a review on Google or via Trust Pilot would be greatly appreciated by our hard working staff.


Lab-cultivated or man-made diamonds are conceived in a laboratory setting powered with state-of-art equipment that mimics similar conditions as earth-mined diamonds but in an exceptionally shorter timeframe. Natural diamonds are dug out deep from the earth’s mantle and require heavy manpower and machinery to be retrieved.

Buchroeders always defines the price of all its diamonds on the rarity factor, not beauty. This means that we will educate you with utmost details on the physical characteristics determined by the 4 Cs of diamond quality, instead of showing off its overall aesthetic beauty under the light to impress your naked eye before revealing a price. A diamond does not have to be super rare to be considered special to you. Our experts will guide and educate you thoroughly, so you can purchase the perfect diamond that’ll look awesome on your ring finger, and at a much more reasonable price.

The four Cs are grading factors traditionally used by gemmologist and expert jewelers to decide the quality and value of a diamond. They are Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight.

To learn more, check out this page on our website → Diamond Education: Our Perspective.

As with other characteristics from which a diamond is graded, the quality of the cut directly influences the level of fire and radiance when light reflects through a diamond. A well-cut diamond shines brighter and reflects white and dyed light back to you. A poorly cut diamond can look dull and lifeless compared to one executed by a master gem cutter.

For that, we believe the quantity of light return and luminance found in an expertly cut diamond is worth the extra investment.

All of our diamonds come from the recycled market which means Buchroeders Jewelers does not partake in any mining activities.

Our sister company Diamond Banc is the supplying force behind our loose diamonds, and a notorious competitive advantage in terms of pricing compared to our competitors.


Not sure about other jewelers in Missouri but we certainly do! Get your purchase pre-approved with Affirm.

For more info, click here.

Yes, it is because it’ll give you the peace of mind you deserve for an important purchase you just can’t miss out on! We offer an unmatched menu of flexible financing options for all types of credit profiles nationwide.

Yes. We offer convenient monthly payments to fit your budget with a user-friendly online account management tool so you can always keep abreast of any incoming bills. We offer payment terms ranging from 6 months all the way to 5 years.

Buchroeders accepts jewelry financing requests from all types of credit profiles and processes them in a transparent, timely manner.

Yes! First, you simply have to fill out a form to set up your customer profile. Click “Get Pre-Approved with Affirm” and one of our experts will reach out to you so you may schedule a time to shop with us! Get started here.


Yes, they are. Our master bench jeweler, Jesse, and watch technician stay committed to our 125 years of quality craftsmanship promise.

We believe yes, it absolutely is worth it.

Especially when it’s done by professionals who can bring back the fire and shine into your piece! We work on protecting and improving the quality of your restored jewelry or timepiece. Rolex repair and restoration particularly is an area where our team holds specialized knowledge. The pre-owned Rolex market is solely driven by supply & demand. There are discontinued Rolex models right now that are worth more than what the original buyer paid for.

Indeed, we're the best in the Midwest. Depending on the physical or mechanical condition of the jewelry or luxury watch in question, replacement pieces or parts required and other factors all play a role in determining the turnaround time.

Yes, and we adore seeing our customers' reactions every time! Our in-house bespoke jewelry designers love thinking outside the box by challenging their creativity and creating a refined, revived version of your precious handed-down family heirloom jewelry. We start by observing closely the original piece, come up with a drawn sketch for the new design idea, and reproduce a photorealistic version using 3D CAD technology to show you what it will look like in real life.

Yes! First, you simply have to fill out a form to set up your customer profile. Click “Get Pre-Approved with Affirm” and one of our experts will reach out to you so you may schedule a time to shop with us! Get started here.

Yes, of course. We provide full service for parts including dial replacement, watch batteries, or bracelet restoration for instance. When repairing a Rolex watch, we only use 100% genuine Rolex factory parts to ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s quality standards and ongoing performance.

While depending on the requirements of your specific repair or restore work order to determine the exact price of servicing which includes labor and parts, Rolex repair cost typically falls between $500 to $1500 USD. Complete overhauls and tune-ups can go for about $800-$1000 approx.

Yes, our expert repair team can restore your Rolex watch and make it look brand new again. If your timepiece is in a very bad condition, with shattered glass, broken internal pieces or not running at all, bring it in for a free repair estimation and that pleasurable thought of wearing your Rolex watch again!


You can sell your engagement ring or fine jewelry whether they are designer pieces or not. We are a heavy Rolex Buyer in the Midwest or other luxury watch brands like Cartier, Breitling, Omega and more. Diamond Banc, our national buying division, is conveniently headquartered within our store. Our industry experts are available on the spot to evaluate your diamonds, gold, silver or platinum jewelry, & high-end watches. We are a premier gold buyer and accept in bars, coins, and bullion.

By trusting an innovative appraiser like Buchroeders with a team of in-house certified experts who will factor every value-adding element into determining the price of your jewelry items. Special tests will be carried out to determine the purity and type of metal used, what kind of diamond/gemstone is on the piece and are they real ones, identifying special hallmarks, etc.

Any type really as long as it’s worth something. Custom-made jewelry, vintage/special collection pieces or even family heirloom jewelry. Bring your old jewelry, even if it is broken or worn. Designer high jewelry is definitely welcomed as we work with leading industry experts who have serviced customers on the retail side at flagship stores such Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston.

We accept yellow, white or rose gold, as well as platinum, titanium and sterling silver.

Yes, we do, Buchroeders is one of the leading diamond buyers in the country. When you think diamonds, think Buchroeders.

First of all, it’s important for you to know that our buying division is powered by our sister company Diamond Banc.

With a large network of qualified fine jewelry and Rolex buyers, rest assured your items are examined thoroughly in a value-driven, transparent and secured method. We take into account every value-adding factor to maximize the highest dollar for an appealing offer made just for you.

If you come in person and we have a market director on the spot, ready to assess your item(s), you can receive an offer within a few hours.

Get immediate payment in cash, via check or wire transfer.