What is a Push Present?

Bringing a new life into the world is an incredible feat. Push presents, or push gifts, offer an opportunity to celebrate a new mom. Push presents have become increasingly popular over the past decade, as new moms have increasingly been greeted with a gift as a thank you for accomplishing this challenging task of delivering a new baby. Typically, a husband, father, or partner provides a mother with a push present to celebrate their new baby; however, in some cases, a push present may be a gift from the entire family. 

Another key consideration is the right moment to give a push present. Obviously, the process of giving birth can be overwhelming and busy. Many partners wait until a quiet moment after the birth of their child to provide a push present. However, in contrast, some couples will opt to plan ahead by giving the push present at the hospital, right before the baby comes. Ultimately, timing the moment to give a push present is an individual preference, so it may be a good idea to talk with your partner regarding the best timing for a push present for both of you. However, it can be a good idea to order your push present in advance, so you can be ready if a baby comes early. 

pregnant lady

A push present may vary in price, size and scope. For example, a new mom may receive a designer handbag, diamond necklace, luxury timepiece, or even a car, in the case of Kylie Jenner. However, jewelry is considered the most common form of a push present. Even within the broader jewelry category, push present may also vary in form. New moms may be greeted with diamond earrings, designer bracelets, or custom jewelry depicting the new baby’s name or birthstone. Kate Middleton famously received an eternity band as a push present from Prince William, after the birth of Prince George. Kate has since worn the diamond ring layers with her wedding jewelry. 

Here are some of our favorite push presents for new moms:

Customized Necklaces:

Customized Necklaces

Customized necklaces serve as an ideal push present. Since these pieces can be made custom, many couples will opt to celebrate the birth of their new child by featuring the child’s name on a necklace. Couples may also decide to incorporate a new child’s initials or an endearing term like “mama” in these custom necklaces. Ultimately, you and your partner understand which words and phrases hold the most significance for your family. This means that you can choose a word that is particularly poignant for you and your family.

Designer Jewelry:

Designer Jewelry

Designer jewelry holds an obvious appeal. Whether she prefers a more minimal and understated jewelry aesthetics or she loves the bold look of dramatic jewelry, there is no shortage of options when it comes to jewelry styles. Consider talking with your partner to find her favorite jewelry designer. Whether she favors David Yurman, Lagos, Tiffany & Co., or Roberto Coin, she is certain to appreciate a piece from her favorite designer as a push present. 

Diamond Eternity Bands:

Diamond Eternity Bands

Many couples celebrate major milestones in their relationship by adding to their engagement ring and wedding ring set with a diamond eternity band. And it’s hard to think of a bigger milestone than the birth of a new child. Engagement rings and wedding jewelry serve as a reminder of the important steps a couple has taken in their relationship. Celebrating the birth of a new member of your family can be an ideal time to add some extra sparkle to a bridal set, with the addition of a diamond eternity band. Many couples continue to expand bridal jewelry to correspond with the expansion of their new family.

Diamond Studs

There’s a reason why every woman loves diamonds, especially diamond stud earrings. These classic pieces of jewelry offer an added level of understated elegance to any outfit. In fact, many women never take their earrings off, going as far as to sleep in their diamond studs. The classic allure of a pair of diamond studs makes them another perfect option when it comes to selecting a push present. A mom could wear a pair of diamond studs to her child’s graduation, 18 years in the future, and they are certain to look as chic as the day she received them. However, it can also be a good idea to build flexibility into a pair of studs by opting to work with a jeweler who accommodates sizing up in the future.

Diamond Studs

Many women opt for larger diamond earrings over time. With our dollar-for-dollar size-up privilege, Buchroeders makes the process easy. Let’s say you are interested in sizing up a pair of diamond earrings in the future. Under our dollar-for-dollar size-up privilege, we invite customers to trade up a pair of diamond studs to a larger size, by honoring the value of the original earrings and placing that value towards an upgraded pair of diamond studs. Schedule a virtual appointment with our sales team, or see us in person, to see our diamond studs for yourself.