Eternally Yours: Everything You Need to Know about Eternity Bands

There are a lot of key terms to learn when you’re shopping for engagement rings or wedding bands. From cut, color and clarity to lab-grown and natural diamonds, it seems like shopping for bridal jewelry should come with a dictionary. Recently, we have been hearing an increasing number of questions regarding eternity bands. We’re breaking down eternity bands to answer your biggest questions about the style.

Yellow Gold 3.49 CTW Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

What is the difference between eternity bands and wedding rings?

Let’s start with the basics, by identifying what is and what isn’t an eternity band. 

Eternity bands, or eternity rings, refer to a style of wedding jewelry that uses an uninterrupted chain of diamonds side-by-side, with no beginning and no end. As these rings feature several diamonds, these rings offer an abundance of sparkle, adding a sense of spectacle to any wedding set. These rings can pair well with any halo, solitaire, or three-stone engagement ring, but eternity bands can also stand on their own. 

 In comparison, a wedding ring traditionally only features diamonds on the front of the ring, so when you wear the ring, there will be no diamonds on the side of your palm. Wedding bands also tend to feature smaller diamonds compared to the bold look of an eternity band.

What Do Eternity Bands Represent?

Eternity rings can take on a myriad of different meanings. Since this style uses a continuous chain of diamonds, this ring typically represents the unending nature of a couple’s love for one another. However, many couples will opt to add an eternity band to their wedding set after a major relationship milestone, such as the birth of the first child, or for a landmark anniversary, such as their five-year, ten-year, or even twenty-year anniversaries. For couples who choose to add an eternity band to their wedding set for such a milestone, eternity bands may represent some of the significant relationship moments they have shared.

Can an Eternity Ring Be Resized?

The biggest downside to an eternity band is the potential challenges of resizing a ring. Most wedding bands and engagement rings feature a metal back, called a sizing bar. When a ring is resized, metal can either be added or removed from the sizing bar to make a ring larger or smaller and ensure a perfect fit. 

Unlike most traditional women's wedding bands, eternity bands lack a sizing bar. This can pose a challenge when resizing an eternity band. It is notoriously difficult to resize an eternity ring. Although not impossible, resizing an eternity band can be both costly and hard on your ring. We recommend considering a custom-made eternity band to ensure a perfect fit. That way,  you can avoid the challenges of ring resizing altogether. Although a sizing bar can be added to an eternity band, this addition will break up the diamonds in an eternity band, disrupting the continuous stream of diamonds that defines an eternity band.

How Versatile are Eternity Rings When it Comes to Style?

Eternity bands are highly versatile settings when it comes to style. Any diamond shape or setting can be used in an eternity ring. Although emerald and radiant diamonds are often used in an eternity band, there is no shortage of styles when it comes to the design of these rings. In her 2022 nuptials, Brittany Spears paired both a prong-set round diamond eternity band and a bezel set marquise eternity band with her round diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Eternity rings can also be set in east-west settings, channel settings, and in any metal color. Consider opting for a custom eternity band if you have a specific style in mind. Looking for inspiration? See some of our favorite custom eternity bands below:

Can You Wear an Eternity Band as an Engagement Ring?

A 4.5 CTW white gold diamond eternity band featuring oval shaped diamonds

In short, YES! Eternity bands have been used as engagement rings throughout history, beginning with the Ancient Egyptians (cite). Style icon, Audrey Hepburn famously wore an eternity band as an engagement ring in her marriage to Mel Ferrer.  Other luminaries who have donned eternity bands as engagement rings include Marilyn Monroe, Kelly Klein, wife of Calvin Klein and Sophia Coppola among others

 Although eternity bands are not commonly used as engagement rings, there is certainly no reason to opt against using an eternity band as an engagement ring, especially if you love the way it looks. We have observed an increasing number of couples who opt for an eternity band instead of a traditional engagement ring style. If you are an untraditional bride, eternity bands may be the best fit for you. Eternity bands can also be paired with a traditional wedding band if you plan to use an eternity ring as an engagement ring.

How Much Should an Eternity Band Cost?

Simple Round Diamond White Gold Eternity Band

As eternity bands stand distinct from both engagement rings and traditional wedding bands, their price tends to fall between these two rings. Carat weight has the most direct effect on the price of an engagement ring. Since eternity rings typically feature smaller diamonds compared to traditional engagement rings, they tend to cost less, comparatively. However, these styles feature more diamonds than a typical wedding ring. Thus, eternity bands tend to be more costly than a wedding ring.

The overall price of an eternity band can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the characteristics of the diamonds used, such as size and clarity and the metals used in the setting among others. Consider shopping online to get an idea of what to expect when it comes to the price of an eternity band.

Gold Eternity Band Next to Radiant Set Diamond in Buchroeders Jewelry Box Caption: Eternity bands can be worn independently or stacked with a traditional engagement ring

As with any step in the jewelry shopping process, it’s important to find a jeweler you trust when searching for an eternity band. A great jeweler can be found online or in person. However, no matter where you’re shopping, it is imperative to look at a jeweler’s online reviews before you commit to your jeweler. Jewelers with a great reputation have typically earned that reputation through excellent care, prices and outstanding craftsmanship. 

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