The Ultimate Guide to Simple Engagement Rings

Sometimes more is more,but simple engagement rings can still hold an undeniable appeal. Since simple styles are more understated and refined these subtle styles tend to have a lot of staying power when it comes to bridal jewelry trends. This means that if you’re looking for a timeless engagement ring, refined and understated engagement rings may be your best option. Simple engagement ring styles look effortlessly chic at any moment, in any situation, from formal galas to a trip to the grocery store. Nevertheless, to many individuals, simple can mean simplistic. Here are five tips to help you embrace simplicity in your engagement ring style while avoiding a potential snooze-fest.

1.  Prioritize Your “Wow-Factor” for a Simple Engagement Ring

The cardinal rule for embracing an understated look is to remember that less is more. As Coco Channel famously proclaimed when accessorizing “look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Nevertheless, opting for one attention-grabbing detail of your engagement ring will ensure that your ring stands out.

 Consequently, it can be a good idea to opt for one WOW factor if you’re aiming for an understated engagement ring. By prioritizing one eye-catching detail such as the diamond size or shape, a unique setting, yellow gold or a rose gold band, or a colorful center diamond, it will add a little extra panache to your style, without overloading the look. Optimize your design by focusing on one attention-grabbing engagement ring detail that you love while cutting back on the rest.

Yellow gold emerald cut solitaire engagement ring

2. Consider a Thin Band on Your Engagement Ring

Mixed Metal yellow gold round engagement ring with 6-prongs, tiffany-inspired setting, 2-carat weight diamond ring

Thin bands offer a pared-back, delicate aesthetic perfect for the minimalist bride. A thin band offers an elevated sense of elegance in an engagement ring. Moreover, skinny engagement rings can offer your center diamond a boost. By pairing any center diamond with a thin band, these bands make any center diamond look larger by contrast, as a thin band will maximize a center stone while simultaneously providing higher levels of simple elegance to any look. Since there is less surface area in a thin engagement ring, this look immediately looks more simple and more elevated compared with chunkier jewelry.

3. Select a Solitaire Setting

hidden halo platinum engagement ring with round center diamond in a solitaire setting  Caption: A hidden halo can add a personal touch while also maintaining an understated streamlined simple engagement ring look

Halo engagement rings dominated bridal styles during the 2010s. Although these bold looks will always hold an appeal, solitaires can offer a more understated alternative to the bold style of the halo if you’re looking for a simple engagement ring. 

 Solitaire set engagement rings to offer a classic aesthetic by featuring only one center diamond. Although solitaire settings may feature a “hidden halo” with a ring of small diamonds around the base of the center diamond, with a solitaire setting, there will only be one diamond visible unless you’re looking at the ring super closely. 

 Solitaire engagement ring settings are most commonly associated with bridal jewelry. When you think of an engagement ring, chances are, you think of a solitaire. And for good reason. With a classic appeal, solitaire engagement rings offer clean lines and understated styling that has perpetually remained in style.  

 Additionally, due to their simple appearance, solitaire engagement rings often pair particularly well with your women's wedding bands without looking heavy or overloaded.

4.  Opt for an accent?

three engagement ring with baguette side stones, three stone engagement ring on finger, custom engagement ring

Accent diamonds can be the secret to having the best of both worlds. If your heart is set on a simple engagement ring style but you are also interested in a more elaborate jewelry design, accent diamonds may be your best option. Accent diamonds may take a variety of shapes, from the classic baguette to a secondary center stone in the form of a Moi et Toi design. These diamond rings allow for a little extra sparkle while allowing the wearer to choose a more understated design fitting for a simple engagement ring. For example, a three-stone ring provides versatility as both an understated engagement ring, while also providing a unique and distinctive appearance.

5. Remember, you aren’t committed to a simple look

Simple yellow gold mixed metal engagement ring with round brilliant center diamond 1.57 carat weight solitaire

Engagement rings can represent a major relationship commitment. But, just because you’re accepting your partner for better or worse, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind about the engagement ring at some point down the line. You can begin your engagement with a simple engagement ring, and eventually scale up, if you ever decide that the minimal look isn’t for you. 

 At Buchroeders, we believe in flexibility. Our dollar-for-dollar trade-in privilege provides freedom if you should ever experience a change of heart. Bring in any engagement ring to upgrade your diamond. We allow individuals to trade in their diamond, whether they purchased it from us or elsewhere, to upgrade to a larger center diamond. 

 Ready to embrace some simplicity in your engagement ring? Shop now!