Plan A Day Trip From Jefferson City, MO to Columbia, MO: Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Come see us! Plan a day trip from Jefferson City To Columbia, MO for your Engagement Ring

Missouri Jewelers: Why Choose Buchroeders

Ready to get engaged? We’re your first stop. If you are a Jefferson City duo looking for an engagement ring near you, the quick 25-minute drive to downtown Columbia, MO is certainly worth the trip! 

When you break it down, your entire engagement to the wedding experience starts and ends with a jeweler. Of all your wedding vendors, we’ll be your longest relationship… and we’re honored! Picking a jeweler can almost be a lifetime commitment- think about it, when your dad bought your mom something extra special for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, it’s likely that he’s gone back to the same jeweler for years. There are a lot of incredible Missouri Jewelers, but nothing compares to the Buchroeders Jewelers' experience. 

While we know there are great mom-and-pop jewelers down the street, because of our unique and synergistic positioning in the diamond industry, we are able to get you the best value and best experience for your jewelry needs. When you are searching for a “jewelry store near me” - look no further than Buchroeders Jewelers in Columbia, MO.

Though local jewelers have a certain charm, Buchroeders brings the charm and adds to the experience with unmatched value! We started off like any local jeweler, we’ve been locally owned and have been in continuous operation since 1896. 

We’ve made it through 2 pandemics, 2 world wars, and two depressions. We’re here to stay! When you choose Buchroeders, you are choosing the jeweler with the most expansive loose diamond selection in the State of Missouri. 

Our sales staff is dedicated to your experience. Our diamond experts love what they do and work diligently to give you the best value with your price point in mind. Our sales staff is trained in making sure you understand the value of your purchase and lead with unmatched focus and transparency. They can itemize everything on your receipt and walk you through the process from start to finish. 

Our approach is to provide you with an unforgettable experience, from the time you see us on social media, to the time you walk away with your diamond, and beyond. Our highly skilled teams are dedicated to the success of Buchroeders and that all starts with making sure we serve our clients to the best of our ability. Whatever you need, we’ll make sure you get it! There is very little we can’t do!


Call Ahead, Or Just Come In: 

When you and your future fiance are ready to come in, give us a call, or just pop by! We’ll greet you either way.  We want you to feel right at home. We’ll offer you a drink from our selection of local Logboat Beer, Mimosas, or Soda to help you shop in style. 

If our diamond experts are with other guests, while you wait, enjoy our seating area, or better yet, start looking around at our incredible inventory! 

While you wait, take a look at our social media pages and get to know our inventory a little better! We get new products every week, and we only keep the best of the best! 

Our marketing team works diligently to bring you enticing social media videos and posts, as well as blog posts such as this one! 

Our whole team is located in the heart of downtown Columbia, and our sole purpose is to serve you! 

Largest Selection Of Loose Diamonds in Missouri 

When you start working with one of our team experts, Seth, Sara, Adam, or John, they’ll help you and your partner navigate choosing the right engagement ring and wedding band set. 

You might decide to choose from our stunning selection of Proposal-Ready Engagement Rings. We have a huge selection of beautifully curated natural diamond engagement rings and lab-grown/ lab-created engagement rings

Whichever you choose, we have something for you. 

Maybe you and your partner are waiting for something with a little more of a personal touch! We have that too. Did you know that Buchroeders has the largest collection of loose diamonds in the state of Missouri? 

On average, we have around 150 loose diamonds at a time! For this post, we just checked and we currently have 171 loose diamonds for you to select from!

What does this mean for you? It means that you have a one-of-a-kind, unmatched engagement ring designing experience. 

In this case, you might want to meet with our design queen herself, Sara- the owner of Rings By Sara. Sara has an incredible eye for timeless engagement ring designs. 

When you sit down with our diamond experts, they will walk you through the process of selecting a diamond, selecting a setting, and ensuring that you LOVE whatever you pick out. 

All of our custom engagement rings are designed in-house by you and our designers, then created by our master bench jeweler, #JesseTheJeweler. Nothing ever leaves downtown, Columbia, MO!

Best Value 

Buchroeders is able to offer you the best value for your diamonds because of our unique positioning in the diamond space. We believe in a holistic approach to diamond and luxury buying because it is best for you, best for us, and best for the planet! 

We source from the recycled diamond market, which is by far, the most ethical and most eco-friendly way to shop for diamonds and precious metals. 

You can buy with confidence, knowing that your diamond had a positive impact on the diamond industry and did not contribute to conflict diamonds or unethical diamond mining, and reduced your own carbon footprint by purchasing from the recycled market! 

When purchasing something like a diamond or luxury jewelry, it’s good to feel good about your purchase from all angles.

Because of our connection, we source millions of dollars in products a month, but we only keep the very best for Buchroeders. Buchroeders only keeps about 20% of the items we acquire. The rest are sent to other jewelers. Our CEO and top management personally look at and evaluate each piece of jewelry to make sure it is of the highest quality and value for our customers. 

To learn more about where your diamond comes from when you purchase from Buchroeders, take a look at our Lifecycle of a BR Diamond blog.


Gotta Love It Guarantee 

When you shop with us, it is essential that you LOVE whatever you choose, that’s why we ensure your purchase with our Gotta Love It Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love what you pick out, we don’t want you to have it. 

We will take back your purchase within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked, and replace it with exactly what you are looking for. We want to be your jeweler for life, and we err on the side of generosity to make sure you know you are a valued part of our Buchroeders experience. 

If engagement is in your future, and you are located outside of Columbia, MO, we invite you to take the drive up to see us! We promise that we will make it worth your trip. 

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