The Lifecycle Of A Buchroeders Diamond

Where did my diamond come from? See our unique process and how it allows us to get YOU the best value for your diamond

diamond lifecycle

Our sister company, Diamond Banc, sources diamonds from the recycled market

For those of us not in the diamond industry, the recycled market is something relatively unheard of. Traditionally, we think of two things when we think of “where diamonds come from”, we think: “they are mined”, or “they are grown in a lab”, but there is actually an entirely separate way to source diamonds! 

Buchroeders has a competitive advantage that is evident to our consumers because our retail price is significantly lower than our competitors. Diamond Banc does direct sourcing from the recycled diamond market to provide the lowest cost with sustainability in mind.

The synergy between Buchroeders and our sister company, Diamond Banc, allows us to provide the best value for our clients as well as keep a lower carbon footprint in the diamond game. Diamond Banc sources diamonds from all across the US. 

The recycled diamond market is the cleanest and most ethical way to shop for diamonds. More and more often, couples are not only interested in the carat weight, and the beauty of their diamond, but also its impact on the environment and those around them. 

When purchasing a diamond from the recycled market, you are reducing carbon emissions made from the production of lab-grown diamonds and you can be certain that your diamond is removed from any unethical mining practices. 

Diamond Banc allows us to give you the best value, the most beautiful diamond while keeping our sustainable & ethical practices in mind.

Diamond Banc HQ sends the diamonds off to the GIA for Certification

Diamond Banc, headquartered in Columbia, receives Diamonds from the Diamond Banc offices across the country. Diamond Banc sends off the diamonds to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for certification. 


A GIA Certificate serves as your absolute assurance that the diamond you are buying is what it is represented to be. In addition, the GIA gives the most conservative grades possible, assuring you are getting the best value for your money.

While there are other diamond labs to choose from, Buchroeders only sends off our diamonds to the GIA because they set the industry standard for diamonds. 

The GIA is a non-profit lab as opposed to other labs like the EGL, IGI, or GGL, and gives a more conservative grade on diamonds, which ensures that our clients receive an accurate evaluation of their diamonds.


Once the diamonds have been certified by the GIA, Buchroeders gets first dibs! 

We want our clients to get the best of the best! Because of our connection with Diamond Banc, after the diamonds receive their certification with the GIA, the best diamonds are kept by Buchroeders. Buchroeders typically only keep 10% of the diamonds, the other 90% of the diamonds are sent to other jewelers.


That means when you purchase a proposal-ready engagement ring, a custom engagement ring, or any other diamond jewelry from Buchroeders, we’ve already hand-selected each stone.

Our diamond experts only keep the diamonds with the absolute best value. We know we can offer you the best engagement ring selection in Missouri! We take many things into consideration, but ultimately we find the best combination of visual beauty, diamond standard, and value.


Come to Buchroeders to find the largest loose diamond inventory in MO and start designing your diamond engagement ring.

Now for the fun part, you and your partner are sitting and drinking your local Shortwave coffee or maybe taking a walk in downtown Columbia, Mo. You start to think about the future and talk about what is next for you. You see life with your partner, and are ready to take the next step in your relationship and get engaged. 

You and your partner may decide to come into Buchroeders as a couple, or maybe you just drop all the hints and let your partner choose the ring. 

When you come to Buchroeders, located in the heart of downtown, you will be welcomed by our staff. Need a mimosa? Just ask! We’re here to make your experience the best it can be, and who doesn’t love shopping with a drink in hand?

The Design Process:

When you come into Buchroeders the process is simple and personalized: 

  1. Our inventory is updated and placed on the sales floor.
  2. Our loose diamonds are placed in the case for you to see. This case is the largest selection of loose diamonds in Missouri.
  3. We design & mount the diamond to create a proposal-ready engagement ring.

After your diamond is selected and our diamond experts have walked you through our Diamond EDU, your diamond will just take a few steps down the hallway to our master jeweler, #JesseTheJeweler. 

As a 3rd generation jeweler with 20 years of experience with Buchroeders, we are confident in saying that Jesse is the best Jeweler in Mid-Missouri. From Moberly to Jefferson City, to Fayette, you will not find a better jeweler! 

We don’t just have engagement rings! We can create diamond studs, diamond pendants, or diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces.

We can create anything from diamond studs to diamond tennis bracelets. If you can think of it, we can create it!

You propose and share your engagement story using the hashtags #brdiamonds #brbride #ourbrstory

We want to hear all about your engagement! Was it everything thing you’ve hoped for and more? We hope it was! 


Share your pictures with us on social media and let us know by using the hashtags and tagging us in the photos. 

When it’s time to come in for your wedding bands, you know where to find us! 

Was your ring not what you expected? That’s okay too. If you aren’t absolutely in love with your ring, come in within 30 days of your purchase, and our Gotta Love It Guarantee will a new setting of your choice, free of charge! 

If you aren’t absolutely in love with it, we don’t want you to have it. No questions asked.

10-15 years from now, you invoke the “upgrade of your diamond privilege” and purchase a new stone and setting and your first diamond starts its journey again on the recycled diamond market.

Once you walk out of Buchroeders with your little blue box and later walk down the aisle, that doesn’t mean your Buchroeders experience has come to a close. Buchroeders offers a selection of designer jewelry, handbags, and the largest inventory of Rolex in the state of Missouri. 

Buchroeders is here for any and all of your luxury desires, or any repairs you need to make on your jewelry and watches. 

In 10 or 15 years, you and your partner might be in a place to upgrade your diamond to something bigger, or maybe just something different. 

When you purchase a natural diamond* from Buchroeders, we guarantee a lifetime dollar-for-dollar trade-in offer. We’ll give you the exact dollar amount you spend on your original purchase for a new diamond of the setting of your choice. Our diamond upgrade privilege allows your diamond to grow and change with you. 

** Lab-Grown Diamonds do not qualify for our Diamond Upgrade Privilege**

Whatever you are searching for, Buchroeders is dedicated to giving you the best value for your money. Every diamond is unique, what’s perfect for you, will be different than the next person. Because diamonds are such a personalized investment we value a tailored, one-on-one experience to ensure that you find your absolute perfect diamond or diamond ring. 

Buchroeders, where diamonds are for everyone.