Best Jewelers In Missouri: The Story of Buchroeders & why choose us

There’s a handful of jewelry stores in Columbia MO (or simply CoMo) to choose from, but what qualities make one greater than the next? 

We believe what makes Buchroeders a paragon among Missouri jewelers is a blend of our humble beginnings with the 4 core values we present to our beloved customers:

  • A completely tailored experience
  • Expert guidance & diamond education
  • Unmatched price/quality ratio
  • A broad & rich menu of services

In this article, you will learn about how our journey began, our brand's different facets, and why our customers have made us leaders in The Show Me State and well beyond.

Our Origins: From Mr. Otto Buchroeder to The Mensers

In 1896, a visionary German immigrant by the name of Otto Buchroeder opened his flagship store in the heart of St-Louis, Missouri.

A few years later, in 1908, along with his son Arthur, the namesake brand and business opened a second boutique 125 miles West to become one of the oldest jewelry stores in Columbia MO — and throughout the Midwest in general.

jewelry stores in Columbia

As of 1931, Arthur’s son, John, carried on a tradition of outstanding service and excellence in diamond and pearl jewelry, engagement rings, and all that glitters in between. 

1971 was the year when the family-owned business, Buchroeder’s Jewelers in Columbia, MO, welcomed its new owner Mike Menser who always dreamt of owning a one-of-a-kind bridal boutique and serving the Mid-Missourian community.

In the 90s, Mike's son Mills began working at the shop at an early age, from gift wrapping all the way to becoming sales manager as a teenager. 

At 24 years old, Mills Menser purchased his father’s legacy-owned store and founded Diamond Banc, a nationwide jewelry buyer and luxury-backed asset lender. 

Mills had plans for the future with efforts to contemporize an already flourishing Columbia Missouri jewelry store into an innovative, data-powered business model that would meet new customer demands across the country.

Educating customers about diamonds is common practice

We take pride in ensuring our customers know precisely what they are buying when it comes to diamonds.

Our staff is comprised of diamond experts who can break down the 4C’s of a diamond and explain the difference between the rarity and beauty factors.
4C’s of a diamond

Buchroeders has the largest inventory of loose diamonds in the entire state of Missouri and always pledges to provide a GIA certificate with each stone and an unmatched, superior value for your purchase.

Additionally, we offer a lifetime trade-up privilege, allowing you to upgrade your natural diamond to a larger, more rare diamond in the future.

If you’re on a tight budget or wish to make a more eco-conscious choice, we’ve got you covered with lab grown diamonds made here in the USA with exceptional standards to ensure everlasting brilliance.

But if you want a natural diamond and money is the issue, we can finance your jewelry purchase with Affirm whether you see something you want to buy on our website or in-store. Not many jewelry stores in Missouri can give you this kind of helping hand, especially if you’re on a budget!

We specialize in custom engagement rings & wedding bands

Custom-made diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are our bread & butter.

custom engagement rings

For over 125 years, Buchroeders set the stage for countless marriage proposals in a client-focused way with expert guidance.

Our talented custom engagement ring designers, always listens first and takes your initial idea to a whole new level with the unexpected intention of exceeding your expectations. 
Once we’ve got a ballpark figure of what you want, we will guide you step-by-step in selecting the perfect ring setting and diamond shape that best mirrors your personal style and taste.
A computerized (CAD) model of your final design is then shown for approval or if you wish to make last-minute modifications to ensure we will be handcrafting the ring of your dreams.
We speak Rolex fluently & got choices for days!

We speak Rolex fluently & got choices for days

rolex watches

A Rolex timepiece is the epitome of luxury and a status symbol of success regardless of your career or profession.

Whether you’re looking for the diamond-set bezel Rolex Datejust for ladies or the Two Tone Gold & Steel Daytona — Buchroeders holds a vast selection of pre-owned Rolex watches in pristine conditions, often challenging or even impossible to find at Authorized Rolex Dealers.

From the dress to sport style, our watch specialists have in-depth knowledge of all models and can guide you carefully to determine which one is your perfect match.

We got experienced jewelry & watch repair specialists

BR diamonds is one of the few jewelry stores in Columbia MO, with a dedicated repair and restoration center.
jewelry stores in Columbia

Jesse, our master bench jeweler, has years of experience in jewelry repairs or watch restoration — whether it’s your grandmother’s vintage necklace you wish to rejuvenate or a legacy Cartier timepiece that needs careful hands-on maneuvering.

Rolex is a luxury Swiss watch brand that appreciates value better than the rest of them, which also deserves proper care and maintenance.

Our in-house Rolex repair experts offer complete overhauls of your watch, including disassembly and cleaning, replacement of damaged or faulty parts, and oiling and regulating the movement.

Selling with us is very straightforward and easy

If you’re looking to enhance your jewelry collection or need a quick cash payout with a decent return, no other jewelers in Columbia MO can match the offer we can put on the table.

Buchroeders can purchase or even loan against your loose diamonds, designer jewelry, or luxury watch, regardless of their current conditions. 

In synergy with our sister company Diamond Banc, rest assured that you’ll be getting a fully transparent assessment and a solid offer with the highest possible return.

Our team of knowledgeable experts writes our success story

The history, brand legacy, exceptional service, and reputation that make Buchroeders what it is today would not be possible without the amazing people working here tirelessly.

We have a customer-driven approach and embrace values such as integrity, transparency, and trust because those midwestern values are the pillars of our success and make us the iconic Columbia Missouri jewelry store operating since the end of the 19th century.

jewelry experts

Our quality assurance policy is called Gotta Love It Guarantee™ because Buchroeders care not only during your purchasing but especially after you leave our premises. 

With a 30-day tryout period, if you have a change of heart concerning your purchase for whatever reason, we will return your money on the spot without any surprises or hidden charges.

Visit our iconic & modern store!

You may have already found us by searching online for “jewelry store near me” or heard about our Bond Street-like, white gloves service through friends and family.

Let’s talk diamonds and fine jewelry while you sip on our local craft beer at 1021 East Broadway in Columbia, MO, or book a virtual appointment if you wish to start the conversation from the comfort of your home!