Unlike standard gold buyers who evaluate gold items solely based on gold weight, we have the expertise to identify specific designer gold jewelry that commands notable premiums.


With 120+ years in the diamond and jewelry industry, we've built an extensive network of individuals, retailers and wholesalers to whom we sell thousands of pieces of jewelry to monthly. Our experience, expertise, and capital means that we can offer you exactly what your jewelry is worth. Simply put, we will beat any legitimate offer. Period.

Sell Your Gold To Buchroeders Jewelers

Why Sell My Gold To Buchroeders Jewelers?

When you are looking for “gold buyer near me” on Google, it is likely you will find a handful of traditional pawn shops near you willing to buy your gold.
Although we are widely known as Columbia, MO's top-rated jeweler, we are also experts in gold buying, and if you are looking to sell gold in Mid-Missouri, you will not find a more customer friendly, and luxury gold selling experience. We are proud to be one of the strongest gold buyers in Missouri. We are the source you can trust with looking at selling your gold to a gold buyer. 
Our buying division offers a transparent and customer-driven experience selling experience when you decide its time to sell your gold. 

Get The Best Value When Selling Your Gold

We’ve been around for over 120 years! Over that period of time, we’ve become familiar with the jewelry industry and have made notable connections with others in the business. It is through our experience and connections that we are able to assess the value of your gold accurately and provide you with the best offer or your gold. 

Those connections and our synergistic relationships between our buying division allow Buchroeders to offer you the best prices for your gold jewelry. 
Because of our knowledge of the jewelry industry, we are able to give you a more reliable quote than a traditional buyer or pawn shop can offer you. While a pawn shop can purchase your gold jewelry, they are not gold experts. Getting a quote from an expert allows other factors of your gold to be considered. For example, a Cartier Love Bangle is worth a certain amount as solid gold, but it hold more entrensic value because it is a designer brand. 

At Buchroeders, we look beyond just the value of your gold by weight. As a result of our jewelry knowledge and years of experience, we will pay a superior price when buying gold. We are able to recognize the value of your gold from brands like Cartier, David Yurman, and Tiffany & Co. We adhere to a standard of evaluating the whole item being brought in, not just pieces, and take all factors into consideration when quoting your item’s value. 

Buchroeders believes that in order to give you the best of the best, you must give clarity and focus. By focusing on what we know, we are able to pass down that knowledge to you and provide you with a superior buying experience. 
If you are in the market of selling your gold or precious metal jewelry, Buchroeders will serve as your guide to sell gold jewelry in Columbia, MO.  

We Buy Gold 

We are buyers of the following types of gold & precious metals:

  • Buyers of Gold and Silver Coins

  • Buyers of Gold | Silver | Platinum Bars and Bullion

  • Buyers of Gold Jewelry

    • Estate and Fine Jewelry

    • Scrap Gold

    • Dental Gold

    • Broken Gold Jewelry 

If you are unsure if Buchroeders Buying Division is interested in buying your gold, just bring it by! We’d be happy to look and evaluate the value of your items. 

The Gold Buying Process at Buchroeders Jewelers: We offer free, no-obligation value assessments on your gold

When you being in to Buchroeders to sell your gold, you will be met by superior customer service and a luxury buying experience.  

When we buy your gold and gold jewelry pieces, our process begins with sorting the gold into piece based off their gold purity. By checking the purity, we are ensuring that you are getting a fair offer for your gold. Because of our experience and robust network of gold buyers and jewelry buyers, we have the resources and expertise to pay you the most for your gold.

During this process we encourage you to get quotes from other gold buyers in Columbia, MO to ensure that you are getting the best offer. When you decide, “it’s time to sell my gold”, with Buchroders, we want you to feel comfortable, and know that you are never obligated to sell your gold simply because we provide you a quote of its value.

Being in the jewelry industry for over 100 years, we know that jewelry is not just monetarily valuable, but can hold a significant emotional value as well. Due to understanding the intangible value of your gold, we are the premier option for selling your inherited gold or silver jewelry.

We are committed to provide our customers with the utmost transparency and clarity on selling your gold. If you do decide to partner with us, we will pay you for your gold right away!We know there are many options when it comes to selling your gold in Missouri, but finding an honest, and transparent gold buyer is rare. 

Buchroeders Jewelerys Buying Division Serves Mid-Missouri, Including, but not limited to:

Boone, Callaway, Camden, Cass, Chariton, Cole, Cooper, Gasconade, Howard, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Lafayette, Lincoln, Pettis, Macon, Miller,Moniteau, Montgomery, Morgan, Osage, Randolph, Saline, St. Charles, St. Louis, and Warren County.

    If you are looking to sell your used or unwanted jewelry, Buchroeders is your trusted destination in jewelry buying.
    • Broken/ Damaged Jewelry
    • Scrap Jewelry
    • Heirloom Jewelry
    Buchroeders is committed to providing you with a customer-focused approach and luxury selling experience.

    Have a pre-owned Rolex? Come to your Rolex destination, Buchroeders. Buchroeders has the largest inventory of pre-owned Rolex in the state of Missouri.

    Buchroeders Jewelers is the best place in Columbia, MO. for you to sell your unwanted gold. We are interested in buying your:
    • Scrap Gold and Broken Jewelry
    • Dental Gold
    • Gold and Silver Bars and Bullion
    • Gold and Silver Coins
    If you're unsure if Buchroeders would be interested in your gold, just stop by! We offer a free, no-obligation value assesment.