Fancy Shape Diamonds Redefine Custom Engagement Rings

While round brilliant-cut diamonds may be the most recognized shape, we offer a diverse range of fancy shapes that allow you to create a truly personalized custom engagement ring. From step-cut to brilliant and crushed ice diamonds, our collection showcases all fancy diamond shapes available.

Fancy shape diamonds refer to any diamond that is not a traditional round brilliant-cut diamond. While round diamonds are the most common and widely recognized shape, fancy shaped diamonds encompass a variety of unique and non-traditional diamond shapes. What sets fancy shaped diamonds apart is their distinctiveness and individuality. Each fancy shape has its own set of proportions, faceting patterns, and overall appearance, giving them their own unique charm. 

By categorizing fancy diamond shapes into step-cut, brilliant-cut, and crushed ice, it becomes easier to understand and compare the different cutting styles and aesthetic characteristics of these unique diamond shapes.

Fancy diamond shapes can be categorized into three main groups based on their cutting styles. Here's how we define these categories:


Step-cut diamonds, also known as "table cuts," are characterized by their long, straight facets arranged in parallel lines. This cutting style gives them a step-like appearance, with each facet resembling a step or staircase. Step-cut diamonds are known for their clean lines, elegant simplicity, and the unique way they interact with light.

One of the defining features of step-cut diamonds is the larger facets, often referred to as "steps." These steps are usually rectangular or trapezoidal in shape and create a series of reflective surfaces. Due to their fewer number of facets compared to brilliant-cut diamonds, step-cut diamonds tend to exhibit a different type of brilliance. Instead of dazzling flashes of light, step-cut diamonds produce a more subdued and subtle sparkle. This is often described as a "hall of mirrors" effect, where the light reflects and bounces off the facets in a mirrored pattern.

The emphasis of step-cut diamonds is on the diamond's clarity and color rather than its brilliance. The larger facets provide excellent visibility into the diamond, making inclusions and color more apparent. Therefore, choosing a step-cut diamond with high clarity and good color is particularly important to ensure optimal beauty.

Some popular examples of step-cut diamonds include:

Emerald Cut

Asscher Cut

Baguette Cut

These step-cut diamonds are favored for their elegant appearance and the way they showcase a diamond's clarity and color. Their understated beauty and geometric symmetry make them popular choices for custom engagement rings, as well as for use in side stones or as centerpieces in three-stone ring settings. When choosing a step-cut diamond, it's important to consider the diamond's proportions, symmetry, color, and clarity to ensure a well-cut stone and beauty.


The brilliant-cut category encompasses diamond shapes that are specifically designed to maximize brilliance and fire, creating a stunning display of light. Brilliant-cut diamonds are known for their exceptional brilliance, as they have numerous smaller facets strategically arranged to optimize light reflection and refraction. Key characteristics of brilliant-cut diamonds include:

  • Facet arrangement: Brilliant-cut diamonds feature a complex arrangement of facets that are meticulously cut and positioned to interact with light effectively. The most prominent facet in brilliant-cut diamonds is the table, which is the large, flat surface on the top of the diamond. Surrounding the table are smaller facets, including crown facets on the top and pavilion facets on the bottom of the diamond. These facets work together to maximize the diamond's brilliance.
  • Increased facet count: Compared to step-cut diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds typically have a higher number of facets. The additional facets, including crown and pavilion facets, allow more opportunities for light to enter the diamond, reflect internally, and return as dazzling flashes of fire. 
  • Symmetry and precision: Brilliant-cut diamonds require precise cutting and symmetrical proportions to optimize light performance. The angles and proportions of the facets must be carefully controlled to achieve optimal light reflection and refraction. Well-cut brilliant diamonds exhibit a balanced and symmetrical appearance, enhancing their overall beauty and sparkle.

Examples of popular brilliant-cut diamonds include:

Cushion Cut

Brilliant-cut diamonds are beloved for their mesmerizing fire and light performance. Their ability to create an explosion of brilliance makes them popular choices for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. When selecting a brilliant-cut diamond, it's important to consider factors such as cut, color, clarity, and carat weight to ensure a dazzling and well-balanced diamond.

Crushed Ice

The crushed ice-cut category refers to diamond shapes that feature a distinct faceting pattern resembling crushed ice or shattered glass. Unlike the clean lines and defined facets of step-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, crushed ice-cut diamonds have a scattered arrangement of smaller facets, resulting in a unique and lively sparkle. Key characteristics of crushed ice-cut diamonds include:

  • Scattered facet pattern: The defining feature of crushed ice-cut diamonds is the irregular distribution of facets across the diamond's surface. These smaller facets are arranged in a way that creates a fragmented or "crushed ice" appearance. The scattered pattern of facets adds depth and complexity to the diamond's visual appeal.
  • Sparkle: The scattered facets in crushed ice-cut diamonds interact with light in a distinctive manner, resulting in a captivating display of sparkle. The light reflects and refracts off the numerous facets in various directions, creating a mesmerizing play of light and enhancing the diamond's overall brilliance.

Examples of diamond shapes that can be classified as crushed ice-cut include:

Radiant Cut

Princess Cut

Oval Cut

Pear Cut

Marquise Cut

Crushed ice-cut diamonds offer a distinct aesthetic and appeal to those seeking a diamond with a less traditional and more contemporary look. Their captivating sparkle and shattered glass-like appearance make them an excellent choice for individuals who desire a diamond with a modern and unconventional flair.

Craft Your Love Story: Create a Custom Engagement Ring with Fancy Diamond Shapes

At Buchroeders Jewelers, we understand that your love story deserves a ring as extraordinary as the bond you share. By embracing the beauty of fancy shaped diamonds, we offer you the opportunity to create a custom engagement ring that is a true reflection of your individuality and love. Whether you are drawn to the elegant simplicity of step-cut diamonds, the mesmerizing fire of brilliant-cut diamonds, or the contemporary charm of crushed ice-cut diamonds, our collection provides a wide array of options to suit your preferences.

Embark on an exciting journey with our bespoke bridal team as we guide you through the creation of a custom engagement ring that will be treasured for a lifetime. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your dream ring becomes an incredible reality.

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