Women's Wedding Bands: Tips To Help Choose The Right Style For You

Getting ready to walk down the aisle? The real question is, what will your ring look like when it’s time to vow at your ceremony?

Women’s wedding bands are available in considerable styles but do you have an idea what metal color you prefer, what material, and how thick you want the shank to be? Also, does it absolutely have to fit with your engagement ring, considering both will sit on the same finger for a long time?

Don’t get stuck in a maze when selecting yours — this blog post will help you pick a piece you’ll forever adore!

Trendy Styles of Women's Wedding Bands

When shopping for unique wedding bands for women, some factors need to be taken into account first.

Current brides go beyond the customary norms of what women's wedding bands should look like. Therefore, go with a piece that embodies your unique qualities as a person and best conveys the bond you cherish with your soulmate.

What floats your boat? A detailed design with micro pave diamonds or a minimalist plain band in yellow gold, discover some of our curated picks below to inspire you on this journey.

Curved Bands


Curved wedding rings are engineered to give the allusion that imperfect shapes can also be appealing and accentuates your engagement ring slightly differently. A structure that reminds us that irregular shapes can be perfect — it’s a matter of taste and perception!

Relying on your current engagement ring design, you may opt for a channel-set curved band or a plain one if you want more modest aesthetics.

Stackable Bands


Stackable bands are cool and graceful all at the same time. They symbolize the possible chapters of your love life. You may decide to stack a new band later to celebrate a significant milestone in your relationship.

Stacked wedding rings can host different ring shank profiles from flat court to D-shape. A good rule of thumb is finding the sweet spot between beauty and a comfortable fit to harmonize with your daily routine.

Diamond Bands


Need extra sparkle on your ring finger? Diamond bands can spice up a modest-looking engagement ring or perfectly match one already decorated. 

The width of the shank and metal type or color are all customizable. Generally running semi-band, you may also choose how you want your diamonds to be set. Whether it’s in a shared-prong setting or scalloped, the choice is yours.

Eternity Bands

Can eternity rings be used as wedding rings? Of course, they can; why not, right? If you’re obsessed with diamonds like we are — double down on brightness in a luxurious and refined manner when matched with a dazzling diamond engagement ring.

Wedding Rings & Metal Kinds

Our unique women’s wedding bands come in various precious metals and hues — selecting the right one is really a matter of individual taste, and what you judge is meaningful such as skin allergies.

Clueless about what metal color suits you best? A great place to start is your skin tone and discovering what metal contrasts better with it by simply trying them on. Let’s review the most common ones:

White Gold

White gold is a refreshing option that is less expensive than platinum. A definite upgrade to Sterling Silver and a more modern choice for simple bands.

Yellow Gold

Traditionally speaking, wedding rings have always been made in yellow gold. 18K for better durability for a timeless, shiny option. This metal contrasts beautifully with white diamonds and fancy-colored gemstones.

Rose Gold

This pink-toned alloy has gained popularity over the years & crowned itself as one of the most desired among modern brides — a captivating and fancier shade indeed! 


If you prefer striking silvery hues and wish to own a piece that’s tough and requires little effort to maintain, then platinum is your answer.

What about bridal sets?

Before you begin brainstorming ideas for the design of your wedding ring, one important tip is to decide the importance of matchmaking with your engagement ring. 

Women's wedding ring sets or bridal sets combine the engagement and wedding rings together in a way that both look like they are part of a special collection.

Because an engagement ring can typically be imposing in appearance, we believe building a custom wedding band to perfectly complement both is a smart and cost-effective solution.


We hope this blog post sheds some light on the diverse types of women’s wedding bands to select from to best portray your romantic union. If you need a bespoke bridal set, our designers can explore the options with you via virtual appointment. 

Want to try on some of the pieces featured above? Simply visit us at 1021 E. Broadway in Columbia, MO, and experience the difference with Buchroeders.

Our knowledgeable & warm staff is ready to give you a hand so you can shop confidently and make your big day unforgettable!