What's Your Engagement Ring Aesthetic? Tell Us Your Style, And We'll Show You The Ring!

Getting Engaged? What engagement ring should you get? 

Let’s play a game! Tell us your wedding style, and we’ll show you your perfect engagement ring. 

Is the big day just around the corner for you? Can you feel a proposal about to happen? If you and your partner are considering getting married, the fun is just beginning! Soon you’ll be picking out floral arrangements, the perfect dress, and a suit your future husband will look perfect in, but have you thought about the details of your engagement ring

If you know your wedding style, we can tell what engagement ring would be best for you! Whether you are a sleek contemporary woman or a bride who loves a beautiful barn, Buchroeders has the perfect engagement ring.

Modern Engagement Rings For The Industrial Bride

If you are a city girl or a sleek, modern queen, you’re wedding is likely to be a little more industrial. If you are a Kansas City or Saint Louis bride, your venue might be a loft or industrial building downtown. We’ll extend this to something a little more unique and artsy, like the Kauffman Center of Performing Arts. 

As a modern bride, your dress is free of any lace and has a satin finish and bold silhouette, but what about your engagement ring? 

For the modern/ industrial bride, your engagement ring style might be one of the following:

Pear Engagement Ring

Pave The Way 2.62 CT Pear Diamond Engagement 

Pears Diamonds are in! After a few years of oval engagement rings, 2023 sees pear-shaped diamonds sneak into the spotlight. Pear-cut diamonds have been around since the early 1400s. Pear-cut diamonds are known to elongate the finger through their slender and intricate cut.


1.55CTW Lab-Grown Emerald Engagement Ring Set 

This 1.55CTW Lab-Grown Emerald-Cut engagement ring is an excellent choice for the bride that likes bold and clean lines. This white gold setting is the ideal metal for this smart and contemporary emerald-cut engagement ring

Emerald-cut engagement rings are the preferred diamond cut for those who like clean lines and symmetry.

Unique Engagement Rings For The Farmhouse Bride

Buchroeders is located in the heart of central Missouri, and we see many charming rustic farmhouse weddings. 

If you are a farmhouse bride, you might be getting married at Blue Bell Farms or Emerson Fields. You’ll choose beautiful native floral arrangements that will bring your venue to life, and when your guests arrive, they will feel at home. 

You are a warm and welcoming bride dressed in delicate lace or tulle, waiting for your groom at the end of the aisle, who is dressed in his navy suit and brown shoes. You are a fabulous Missouri bride! 

If you are in Missouri and searching for engagement rings near me, Buchroeders will be at the top of your list. 


Design Your Own Three-Stone Engagement Ring
We’ll let you in on a little secret; this is a favorite of the marketing team at Buchroeders! This traditional beauty withstands the test of time. This modest but unmistakable beautiful ring’s diamonds are enhanced with its traditional setting and yellow gold band. 

This pear-cut diamond engagement ring is dainty but still packs a punch. This stunning three-stone pear-cut engagement ring is something you will love for years to come. 




Design your custom engagement ring: Oval, Rose Gold, and a Collar Halo:

When you come to Buchroeders, your imagination is the only limit to what your ring can look like. Our traditional bride in Columbia, MO, with dreams of a barn or outdoor wedding, will love an oval set engagement ring. To add some personality to your simple yet beautiful engagement ring, a rose gold band and pave diamond collar halo and pave diamond band will add charm and character.

Large Diamond Engagement Rings For The Bold and Bougie Bride

Maybe you are the bride with enormous dreams for your wedding; you need a considerable ring to match those dreams! 

We know you are the bride that is larger than life! You’ll show up in a sparkly dress. Your makeup is dramatic, flawless, and done to the nines. We know a few engagement rings in our inventory will suit your big expectations. 


The Cathedral Solitaire 6.06 CT Round Diamond Engagement Ring

6.06 CT Solitaire… need we say more? For the bride who likes life in luxury, there is nothing more fitting than our 6.06 CT Round Diamond Engagement Ring.

The only other thing you need to make your wedding jewelry set larger than life is our 22.06 CTW Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

With these two pieces, you will shine from a mile away! 

The Three-stone 3.09 CT Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring- Platinum

Consider this radiant diamond engagement ring if one stone isn't enough! A bride with a big and bold personality might choose this ring for its brilliance as well as its size. A three-stone ring can make the appearance of your diamond much larger, and who wouldn’t love that? 

Radiant engagement rings catch the light through their intricate cut to maximize the sparkle. We know you want an engagement ring that shines as bright as you! 

Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

Regardless of the bride you are, Buchroeders has something special for you. So sit with one of our diamond experts and let us know what you’re looking for. We are committed to finding you the engagement ring you will love forever. 

Buchroeders specializes in designing custom engagement rings, so if none of the engagement rings above fit you or your wedding day, let us create something that does