Why the Diamond Tennis Bracelet Is Reemerging

Undeniably exquisite, a tennis bracelet with diamonds is the perfect companion for any situation — be it to compliment that fancy dress as you dazzle a couple of eyes during your birthday dinner or to render an elegant and subtle look while playing your favorite sport.

We’ve set aside a number of reasons why diamond tennis bracelets are an absolute must in any jewelry lover's collection. 

But we’ll start simple, explaining what is a tennis bracelet, diving into the anatomy of this timeless piece of jewelry, how it came to be known as the tennis bracelet, and rounding things off by explaining why this iconic style is still very much in fashion.

What is a tennis bracelet?

Originally christened ‘eternity’ or ‘line’ bracelets, diamond tennis bracelets consist of delicate diamonds attached by flexible links forming a loose loop-like structure.

A tennis bracelet is typically cast in gold, silver, or platinum. The links create a supple band, which allows the bracelet to hang loose on your wrist.

Tennis bracelets typically weigh between three and four carats, but bulkier designs can weigh up to 10 or more. When it comes to women’s tennis bracelets, these are most popular on the lighter side of the scale since they retain a delicate and feminine touch.

You can easily calculate the weight of your bracelet by taking into account the number of diamonds and their individual carat weight.

 tennis bracelet


Something like this stunning round brilliant diamond tennis bracelet, for example, measuring 7 inches with roughly 50 diamonds weighing approximately 0.05 carats each, will sum up to 5 CTW (total weight of carats). Because heavier bracelets use more diamonds, they are generally more costly.

Why is a tennis bracelet called a tennis bracelet?

Well, every now and then, a historical event marks how we think and name our jewelry types. Just as the Shakespearan sonnet became popularized by its writer, the tennis bracelet became famous because of its wearer.

Back in 1987, female tennis athlete Chris Evert took to the U.S. Open match court with what was, back then, an eternity bracelet. 

Halfway through the heated game, Chris dazzled her spectators by asking for a time-out. It turned out her bracelet snapped off, and she just wanted to recover it before playing on. 

In an interview, she called this little totem her 'tennis bracelet' — so the fever began spiking a particular interest in women’s tennis bracelets at the time.

Why are diamond tennis bracelets making a comeback?

With the hustle and bustle that characterizes modern daily life, 2022 is witnessing a rising craving for simple and practical jewelry that can adapt to various situations.

A tennis bracelet's loose and versatile structure makes it the perfect choice of jewelry that effectively harmonizes with professional, casual, and fancy attire. It sits comfortably on the forearm allowing the skin to breathe freely, and its flexibility protects it against daily tear and wear. 

Whether you want to go for a run or shine your way through a day at work, you can’t go wrong with this breathtaking piece of jewelry.

In addition, the tennis bracelet is an emblem of the 80s and 90s vogue, which never really went out of fashion. It just became part of our well-loved vintage wardrobe. 

A custom diamond tennis bracelet will adorn your gestures with a sense of sophistication seasoned with that infallible nostalgic touch that guarantees a timeless mood.

If you are on a budget but wish to go for that die-hard vintage look, then check out this sumptuous lab-created 2-carat diamond tennis bracelet that incorporates the bezel setting for enforced protection of all your diamonds while you’re on the move!

2-carat diamond tennis bracelet

How to wear a tennis bracelet with diamonds

Part of making sure that you stay in fashion with your custom diamond tennis bracelet is knowing how to wear it. So, we’ve set aside a couple of suggestions to help you create an unforgettable outfit.

 If you’re a minimalist and an advocate of the kind of ensemble that doesn’t take much effort, allow your tennis bracelet with diamonds to stand alone. The circularity of the stones around the band will ensure that its sparkle catches the attention of those nearby.

 Another excellent option for those gals who love to elaborate and add that extra glam is to wear women’s tennis bracelets with other bracelets. A plain band will reinforce the sparkle, while different gemstone colors and shapes will provide a striking contrast where modern meets vintage.

 Alternatively, you can always set your tennis bracelet with diamonds besides a carefully chosen watch — make sure the color of your watch matches the color of your bracelet's band to maximize its visual presence.

 Going for another type of jewelry, like a necklace or earrings with the same stone or material, will also ensure a look that spells out f-a-n-c-y. Check out our extensive jewelry collection

Concluding Thoughts

Now you know that the comfort and flexibility of a tennis bracelet with diamonds will land you a practical and fashionable look throughout your daily life, it’s up to you to choose the right design for your particular needs. 

Remember, you can always spice things up by pairing your men’s or women’s tennis bracelet alongside another bracelet with different gemstone shapes and colors or even an entirely different type of jewelry. Experimentation is vital in delivering a sharp and contemporary sense of fashion.

Get in touch with Buchroeders today to find out how you enrich your jewelry collection with the perfect custom diamond tennis bracelet for you, or check out some of the gorgeous ones available online and in-store.