Trendy Engagement Ring Styles | Summer 2022

We will have rings and things and fine array.


Or so one of the greatest authors once said several hundred years ago.

Shakespeare, who we must credit as having had one of the finest eyes for character and style, talked about the importance of rings and glam back then, showing us just how key they were in appearing fashionable.

Like us, William also lived through a pandemic, although we must admit that the Black Death was a little harsher in terms of its consequences - but enough history. 

What makes 2022 stand out?

There is one thing that pandemics are great at teaching us: the value of expressing our uniqueness right now because no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

And that’s what 2022 is all about. This year, the theme is: be unique ‘you’ - or in this case, being in a uniquely love relationship.

We’ve carefully set aside some of the most epic bespoke bridal ring styles out there this year to inspire you to find that one-of-a-kind engagement ring that simply would not fit anywhere else but on your beloved’s finger.

Conventionally exceptional

For those of you who are lovers of the classic, there are ‘new’ designs that ring true to well-loved traditional round or oval-shaped solitaires.

And you’re not alone. Recent studies show that most people (38%) still go for the Round cut engagement ring.

So, how to make the bespoke bridal classic uniquely you?

Well, bezel settings like our own white gold round diamond ring have made a comeback for a reason. They are perfect for the minimalists and lovers of tradition, adding that snug embrace around the diamond solitaire that represents a couple that knows how to stand out from the herd with class and subtlety.

For those of you who are more daring, try exploring designs like Schlumberger's Buds Round Brilliant Ring, which allows the conventional round solitaire to meet the dynamic movement of nature, or Alice Cicolini’s candy pavé white Saphire cushion cut engagement ring that invites classic-lovers to take a stroll in the parade of modernity.

Two stones, one love: Moi & Toi

Following Ariana Grande’s footsteps, Megan Fox took to the red carpet with a new Moi et Toi bespoke bridal ring by custom engagement ring designer Stephen Webster, making this ring style the latest fever.

Moi et Toi is French for “me and you, rightly so.” This design allows two different gemstones (sometimes varying in color and sometimes in shape) to mirror how two diverging personalities enhance each other in their glimmering differences.

Working with two stones of the same shape also works well. Notice how this round diamond two-stone bypass ring allows duality to exist within a sense of purposeful unity.

Multiplied brilliant: clusters

Maybe you’ve landed the kind of love that can’t be represented by a single solitaire or two!

In that case, cluster rings are for you.

This honey Saphire diamond ring shows how effective a cluster can be at narrating an elaborate story with a single shining center. The color variations hint at the process of transformation a couple undergoes to conquer their glowing love.

If you feel like you need a whole galaxy to express the sparkle of your shared connection (yes, please!), check out this cluster engagement ring that evokes a blooming flower at the same time as it reminds the viewer of a starry constellation.

The Urban look: chunky

Something about our current historical moment calls for an appreciation of this concrete and metal jungle that we now know as urbanity.

Chunky engagement rings have done a great job at standing for the industrial side of city life elegantly and harmoniously, celebrating a love made big in the city while also providing that much-esteemed sense of decency.

With this kind of style, the shank plays as much a role as the ring. Designs like emerald diamond solitaire engagement rings stand for strong and stable love. Bold aesthetically, crafted for the type of bride-to-be who doesn’t care much about rocking an extra flamboyant piece.

Spicing love up colored stones

As the lovebirds get more creative, so do their colors.

Spicing up color schemes and variations is a perfect way to bring out personality. Luckily, it gives you many more options.

This old European diamond ruby hexagon engagement ring's simple, linear, and clean shapes make it perfect for the artsy and experimental couple. It marries the innovativeness of the art deco era with the modern spirit of craftsmanship - an exciting modern relationship requires a good deal of creative thinking.

Alternatively, Prasi’s Jacaranda bespoke bridal ring manages to blend the exotic with the discreet. A perfect choice for those who like breaking away from the conventional sense of marriage apparel with a sophisticated stone that refuses to settle for a single color.

Last but not least

We hope these designs have helped you find a firm sense of what represents you and your partner.

We like to think of shopping for the perfect engagement ring like sculpting. You start with a rough idea, but by researching, peeling back, and filtering the surface layers, you will find the perfect shape and gem underneath!

Get in touch with our expert Missouri jeweler, who will help you get custom engagement ring designs and find out how you can express the uniqueness of your love with a bespoke bridal ring catered to you personally. 

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