Should You Consider a Bezel Engagement Ring?

Bezel engagement rings have been all the buzz. Although traditionally considered less popular than prong set and claw set diamonds, bezel set engagement rings have been seeing a renaissance in popularity in recent years, especially among brides with a modern aesthetic taste. Nevertheless, due to their recent rise in popularity, bezel set diamond rings may be less well known than their pronged counterparts. The first fundamental question to understand is what is a bezel engagement ring.

Bezel engagement rings

What is a bezel engagement ring?

A bezel engagement ring refers to a diamond ring where the center diamond is held in place by a custom metal rim that holds a center diamond closely. This rim gives jewelry a clean, modern and sophisticated appearance. Interestingly, the earliest jewelry in existence has been noted to feature bezel settings, marking the true timeless adaptability of this style.

 However, in addition to the elevated and streamlined aesthetic bezel engagement rings offer, there are a number of key considerations when it comes to understanding the allure of the bezel set diamond ring.

Bezels Bolster Security

It is difficult to think of a more practical engagement ring setting than a bezel. Because the rim of the ring clings close to a center diamond, a bezel engagement ring provides full coverage for a center stone. Unlike prong engagement rings which offer protection at specific points on an engagement ring, such as on the corners for radiant, emerald, princess, asscher or cushion settings, bezel engagement rings offer all-over protection by encasing the entire rim of an engagement ring in metal. This, in turn, offers the wearer, and their diamond a higher level of protection. Although one loose prong can cause a lost center diamond, bezel engagement rings mean that you are unlikely to lose a diamond, due to the structure of the ring.

bezel engagement ring

This added protection extends to protecting your center diamond itself. Since a bezel setting ensconces a center diamond, this metal setting serves to protect the edges of your ring from wear and tear, scratches, lotion and other environmental factors that may cause damage to your diamond over time. Consequently, bezel engagement rings may be a particularly good idea for active couples who plan to take their engagement ring with them on outdoor excursions.  

 Minimize Maintenance

Since a bezel offers an added level of perfection to your engagement ring, it can also mean that it is less imperative to see your jeweler regularly. Although it is imperative to make sure everyone visits their jeweler at least once per year to check for loose prongs, damage to the center stone or replating white gold metal, bezel engagement rings merit lower levels of concern, as your diamond is protected within the shell of a metal setting. This is true for any diamond ring including a bezel setting, including bezel set eternity bands.

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Shun Snagging

One of the biggest complaints regarding traditional prong settings is the fact that these engagement rings are likely to catch on things. If you’re someone who wears a lot of knit fibers, such as sweaters, or if you’re someone who talks with their hands, this phenomenon can be particularly irritating. Alternatively, the streamlined design of bezel settings ensures that your engagement ring is particularly unlikely to catch on anything, no matter how many sweaters you wear.

traditional engagement rings

Enhance the size

By adding to the sides of your engagement ring, a bezel setting can serve double duty to extend the apparent scale of your center diamond. Fundamentally, bezel engagement rings add mass to the sides of your engagement ring, thereby adding to the overall scale and scope of your ring.

 If you are interested in adding even more drama and weight to your ring, it can be worthwhile to consider a variation on a bezel setting, such as a halo bezel. These settings go the extra mile in boosting the apparent size of your engagement ring, as bezel settings add to the physical mass of your diamond engagement ring, while halos make a center diamond look ever larger by adding a little extra sparkle to your center diamond.

 Cover Imperfections

Since bezel settings provide coverage on the edge of a diamond, these settings can offer a helpful disguise to cover any imperfections in your diamond that may occur along the edges of a diamond. If there is no way to see all parts of your ring, it becomes impossible for observers to see any hidden flaws in a diamond, no matter how eagle-eyed. This can be a helpful tool when it comes to saving money when it comes to buying your engagement ring, as less perfect diamonds typically cost less than their flawless counterparts. However, if an imperfection is rendered invisible by your ring’s setting, opting for a less perfect diamond can provide a helpful method of saving money.

 Whether you’re a bezel believer or if you’re partial to prongs, Buchroeders can help you find the ring of your dreams at a price that works for you. Visit us today to find the perfect ring for you.