ROLEX: The Ultimate Showdown: Batman VS. Batgirl

Rolex Batman Vs Rolex Batgirl


A GMT-Master II model is a popular choice when looking for a Rolex. For those new to the watch world, these might be the Rolex models you are most familiar with, these are the watches with famous nicknames. Coke, Pepsi, Rootbeer, Fat lady, Batman… you get the idea! 

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Let’s break down two of Rolex watches most popular models, The Rolex Batman and The Rolex Batgirl. Both models have made their way into Buchroders in downtown Columbia, MO in the past, and we’re confident we’ll see them again. When these pre-owned Rolex watches are back in stock, you’ll know which one is for you. 


Origin of the Batman

In 2013, another two-toned bezel GMT-Master II was added to the collection- The Rolex Batman. Rolex fans dubbed this Rolex, the Batman, because its colors, were reminiscent of the DC comic book hero himself, Batman. 

Batman can also be referred to as “Bruiser”, “Phantom”, or “Dark Knight”, but the “Batman is how this watch is more commonly referenced.  

The Batman was the first of its kind to feature a two-toned Cerachrom bezel, prior to its release, Rolex had even stated that it could only produce a monochromatic Cerachrom bezel due to how difficult it was to craft. 

This watch quickly captured the attention of watch buyers everywhere. Batman because not only a favorite in the GMT-Master II models but Rolex in general. 

Origin of the Batgirl 

The Rolex Batgirl closely resembles the Batman, with its the iconic blue and black two-toned bezel. The Batgirl came out 6 years after the Batman in 2019. 

Because of changes made to the dial and bracelet, giving it a noticeably more feminine edge, the name Batgirl, was granted to the GMT-Master II Rolex model. 

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Rolex Batgirl


The Main Difference

The Rolex Batman and Rolex Batgirl are both popular and highly sought-after timepieces. When making an investment, such as a Rolex, there is never a right or wrong answer on which Rolex watch is “best”, it all comes down to preference. 

The main difference between the Rolex Batman and Rolex Batgirl is the dial and bracelet. 

When looking for a used or pre-owned, Rolex Batman, it will feature a three-link Oyster bracelet, while a used or pre-owned, Rolex Batgirl has a five-link Jubilee bracelet. It’s because of this difference that the watches are named the Batman and the Batgirl

A three-link Oyster band has a thicker and naturally more masculine appearance, while the thinner links on the Batgirl, give a more delicate and feminine appearance. 


Is the Batgirl A Women’s Watch? 

Not really, though we think anyone can wear any Rolex. Even with the name “Batgirl”, this Rolex GMT-Master II model has not been considered a lady's watch. 


Choosing Your Rolex 

When looking for a pre-owned Rolex, it is important to consider value. Rolex watches are an investment and when looking at the value of these two iconic watches, you really can’t go wrong. 

The Batman and the Batgirl are two of the most popular Rolexes on the market and are priced as such. Both the Batman and the Batgirl are two of the most expensive watches on the Rolex market. 

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