Rolex For Women: Your Ultimate Matchmaker Guide

The brand name Rolex for women is hands down the most sought-after luxury watch a girl desires, next to names like Hermès, Piaget, or Cartier.

But do the ladies rock Rolexes to eagerly flaunt them with diamond jewelry, or is this more about practicality, comfort, and superior micro-engineering?

Maybe it’s both, and why not, right? Rolex offers a wide range of exquisite models for women, each with its own distinctive design features, style, metal color, material, technical specs, and size.

In this guide, we’ll share a few interesting tips to help you find yours, whether it’s the Rolex Datejust for ladies or something more genderless like the Yacht-Master 37

Pick according to your personal lifestyle & taste

When it comes to Rolex for ladies, and possible combinations of case, bezel, dial, and bracelet on models — the options are pretty and plentiful.

When trying to figure out yours, a great place to start is reflecting on your personal lifestyle, taste, and what you deem important in a Rolex watch. Is it aesthetic beauty or movement & functionality? Or maybe it’s more of a rarity factor for those seeking vintage models.

Whatever the case may be, you need to decide if you’ll be rocking your Rolex watch only on special occasions or on a daily basis.

For instance, a businesswoman with a super busy schedule may appreciate a Day-Date to help her stay in the loop between tasks and meetings.

The athletic type or women with jobs in the maritime industry may prefer more enhanced features like deep diving or measuring time accurately regardless of motion or change in temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

For ladies with a strong fondness for timepieces dipped into diamonds, the Pearlmaster series will surely answer the call.

Rolex for ladies

What Rolex case size should a woman wear?

The perfect size of a Rolex for women is a subjective opinion based entirely on the style and taste preferences of the wearer.

Women can pick between cases ranging from 24 to 34 mm or even opt for a slightly bigger mid-sized case like 34, 36, or 37 due to the weight and feel attached to the piece when worn.

In the last decade, a growing trend of famous women wearing men's Rolexes has been gaining momentum. One example of this phenomenon is actress Charlize Theron’s Seadweller Deepsea featuring a 44mm-wide case.

Numbers, motifs & diamonds: Dial choosing

Now that you’ve got a rough idea of which Oyster case size best fits your wrist, it’s time to pick a dial layout and style that serves your particular requirements and taste.

Rolex for ladies comes with dials often decorated with more feminine colors and patterns such as flower-patterned, white mother of pearl, or the breathtaking plain pink opal dial.

Known as Appliques in Rolex jargon, they are the design patterns set in the hour markers that add a touch of your personality. 

You can choose between geometric shapes, Roman or Arabic numerals, and diamond-studded bezels covered in rose gold or platinum, just to name these two.

Rolex for ladies

Does Rolex for women hold value over time?

Due to the rarity and high demand for men’s models, they tend to be worth more than their female counterparts.

However, that does not necessarily mean that Lady Rolex models don’t hold value over time. A model such as the Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster introduced in 1992 is considered a timeless classic among watch enthusiasts.

To ensure your Rolex watch will retain its value, pick a limited-edition piece, as such models have the highest potential to appreciate in value over time. Remember that Rolex watches for ladies with bigger sizes tend to be more expensive.

It’s also important to note that every Lady Rolex uses Syloxi hairsprings vs. Parachrom for men’s watches — which are far superior in terms of quality and performance. 

What’s the best Rolex for ladies?

Honestly, the word ‘best’ can be subjective to one’s taste and lifestyle. All models are unique and aesthetically eye-pleasing on their own. 

From its abundant selections of Rolex watches for women, here are some all times favorites, including 3 Unisex models at the end of the list:

  • The Pearlmaster Collection
  • Ladies Oyster Perpetual
  • Lady-Datejust or Datejust
  • Women’s Day-Date 'Presidential'
  • Yacht-Master 37
  • The GMT-Master II 'Batgirl'
  • Daytona
  • Milgauss

Here are some of the models we’ve covered in this article:


The Oyster Perpetual is a well-celebrated Rolex model in the women’s series and can withstand depths of 100 meters underwater.

Rolex made history with the Rolex Oyster, the world's first water-resistant wristwatch. In 1927 Swiss Watchmaster and founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf chose a woman to swim across the English Channel in the hope of putting his craft to the test.

To this day, the Oyster Perpetual's water resistance and self-winding capabilities that draw energy from your wrist movements are still second to none compared to other watch brands.

The Oyster bracelet is surely recognizable among other watch bracelets featuring the iconic three-piece links — with the center row available in yellow gold or everose gold on two-tone models.

This watch is available in sizes 28 or 31mm, with larger options from 36 to 41 mm. The pre-owned market still holds a large number of vintage models with sizes from 24 to 26mm, you’ll be owning a very rare piece if you can find one of these!

As of 2020, Rolex released newer models with vividly colorful dials such as coral red, the famous Tiffany blue, bright yellow, and cotton candy pink. The Oyster Perpetual is a sleek, entrancing Rolex for women with a clean-cut dial for a quick time check.

 Rolex for women's


The Datejust was the first self-winding wristwatch to display the date on the dial. The Lady-Datejust was launched in 1957 and offered the same functionality as the men’s version but in a 26mm petite case size.

In response to the growing popularity of larger watches among women, Rolex discontinued the 26mm Oyster case in 2015 and released 28mm and 31 mm versions. The slightly bigger size allowed women to make a statement without losing the classic Lady-Datejust collection's delicate, lady-like design element.

Larger case sizes are part of the Rolex Datejust for ladies that range from 31mm to 41mm and come in an array of dial colors, bezels, and a choice between precious metals or Oystersteel.

Rolex intentionally developed the elegant five-piece link bracelet for the Lady-Datejust for a comfortable and flexible fit for everyday wear.



Nicknamed “The Presidential Rolex” it graced the wrists of several world leaders and U.S Presidents, such as Lyndon B. Johnson, who eternalized this model. 

Rolex continued to innovate the watch industry by building a dial that can display the date and day of the week in full in this functional yet sleek timepiece which has since become the watch of choice for powerful men and women worldwide.

 The smooth and symmetrical aesthetic of the president bracelet features semi-circular-shaped three-piece links making it a gorgeous wrist piece. They are made of meticulously selected precious metals such as 18K yellow gold or platinum, which evokes class & sophistication.



In a nutshell, there’s a Rolex watch model that can accommodate your particular style and taste, and we hope that this blog post gave you a few takeaways or inspired you to decide on a model. 

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