Ring In The New Year! 2023 Engagement Ring Trends

Ring in the New Year with these 2023 Engagement Ring Trends!  

Is 2023 the big year? If you and your partner are looking to get engaged in 2023, look at the most desired engagement rings for the upcoming year. 

Marquise & Elongated Diamonds


One of the trends we're seeing more and more is elongated diamonds. It’s all about shape! Elongated diamonds make the fingers seem longer and more slender. 

Marquise Engagement Ring

Marquise diamond rings are the up-and-coming elongated diamonds for 2023. Ovals and pear-shaped engagement rings have been popular for the last few years, but it might be time for them to share the spotlight. 

Marquise diamonds were popularized in the 18th century by a jeweler of King Louis XV. It is noted that King Louis wanted to create a diamond that resembled the lips of his mistress Jean Antoinette Poisson. 

Marquise diamonds offer a beautifully balanced and vintage-inspired look. For anyone who appreciates more traditional styles, a marquise diamond engagement ring is a winner. 

While Buchroeders has some beautiful proposal-ready engagement rings featuring a marquise shape, we can also create stunning custom engagement rings.


Bezel Settings & Semi Bezels

It’s no surprise that bezel settings are claiming some of the 2023 spotlights! The bezel setting is characterized by the metal of the ring holding the diamond in place. The overlap of metal on the diamond overlaps the edges of the stone, which help keep the diamond secure. 

Bezel settings are a blast from the past and are likely one of the oldest settings for diamonds. Because of its history, you might spot some antique bezel rings, but our culture will always produce modern interpretations of a classic. 


Pear Bezel Engagement Ring



At Buchroeders, we can customize any diamond shape and create a custom engagement ring. We’ll look at two great trends in one- an elongated diamond and a bezel setting. This diamond setting can be customized to rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. We can even do a two-toned precious metal ring. 



Emerald Semi Bezel Engagement Ring



If you like the bezel setting but aren’t ready to commit to a full bezel, the semi-bezel is a fantastic option! Again, Buchroeders can create any custom bezel engagement ring. We love how an emerald looks in a bezel setting. 

Emeralds are becoming popular for 2023 engagement rings; we aren’t just talking about cuts.


Gemstones, Specifically Emeralds


One thing we’re excited about rolling out this year is our 1896 Collection. Our 1896 Collection features our “High Jewelry”. These jewelry pieces are unique to Buchroeders and something you won’t find anywhere else. These pieces are iconic, one-of-a-kind, and specifically sourced by our owner, Mills Menser. 

Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

One of our most iconic pieces in our collection is our Emerald Cut Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring. This exquisitely cut Emerald is one of the most perfectly cut emeralds a lot of diamond and gemstone professionals at Buchroeders and our sister company, Diamond Banc, have seen. In many ways, this Emerald is so perfect it almost looks fake. It’s hard to imagine nature creating such an incredible piece, but it absolutely did. 

This stunning piece comes complete with its GIA certification and is bookended between two large diamonds and set in a platinum metal band.



Buchroeders, for the most part, focuses only on diamonds. When we do find a gemstone that is special enough for us to purchase, it will likely end up in our 1896 Collection because of its unique characteristics. 

Ruby & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Non-traditional engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. Just as we as a society are opening up to non-traditional values or just alternative expressions of ourselves. The same is true for the diamond industry. People are embracing differences and we truly believe that there is a special stone for everyone. 

If a diamond isn’t what you have in mind for your engagement ring, this traditional Oval Cut Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring is the perfect non-traditional engagement ring.


Vintage Inspired Styles, Custom Engagement Rings 


When we think of Sapphire engagement rings, one that quickly comes to mind is Princess Diana’s engagement ring. 

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Her sapphire ring was a stunning, one-of-a-kind engagement ring featuring a large center sapphire. We chose a similar piece to feature vintage-inspired engagement ring styles. Our white gold and emerald cut sapphire ring hold a beautiful vintage elegance, so your engagement ring pays homage to Princess Di. 

If you lean towards vintage styles, we can produce ANYTHING you have in mind. Bring us a photo or Pinterest board of vintage-inspired custom engagement rings. Our diamond experts and designers will work with you to create a “vintage ring” that is brand new!  


Toi Et Moi, Custom Multistone Rings 

Custom… but totally opposite! You can’t have one without the other. Since vintage rings are in, it’s no surprise that the Toi Et Moi rings are also making a comeback, but in a very modern way. 

Toi Et Moi Custom Engagement Rings

Toi Et Moi rings date back to 1796 when Napolean gifted a Toi Et Moi to his wife, Josephine de Beauharnais. This ring has regained its popularity by Emily Ratajkowski, Ariana Grande, and most recently Megan Fox. You can even see this style being worn by former Frist Lady, Jackie Kennedy. 

Buchroeders can create a custom Toi et Moi engagement ring with the stones and setting of your choice. (Gemstones included!)


Hidden Halos 


We’ve talked about Halos before, we’ll talk about them now, and we’ll talk about them in the future! 

Halos will always be a popular option, but now hidden halos are rising on the trend. Hidden Halos add a little touch of sparkle. It’s a great option for those who like the minimal style, but want something a little more than a single diamond.


Hidden Halo


Step-Cut Diamond (Emerald or Asscher) 

Step-Cut Diamonds are emerald or Asscher cut and have such a beautiful effect when looking at the diamond at different angles. Because of the cut, these diamonds have a staircase-like effect that pulls the eye into the diamond. 


Asscher diamonds are such an underdog, but we’re rooting for them! Even though these aren’t the most popular in shape, compared to a round, or oval, they are rising in popularity- and for good reason! 


Asscher Cut Pave Engagement Ring


This beautiful, PAVE THE WAY ASSCHER DIAMOND is a beautiful and timeless engagement ring that will surely grab the attention of any diamond-lover. 

Whatever diamond you choose, trendy or traditional, Buchroeders is there to make sure that your diamonds are everything you want and more. We want you to love your diamond because, at Buchroeders, Diamonds are for everyone.