Newly Engaged? Top Tips and Tricks to Protect and Care for your Engagement Ring

Newly engaged? Congratulations! Getting engaged is such an exciting time in one's life. Whether you are planning on eloping, having a minimony, or plan on going all out for your big day, there is one thing all brides have in common… obsessing over your new diamond engagement ring

Trust us, we get it! Even when working around these beautiful rings every day, they never lose their sparkle or their ability to catch our attention. So newly engaged, we know that every time you catch a glimpse of your engagement ring, you’ll admire its special glimmer. 

How do you keep your new engagement ring in tip-top shape? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips and tricks for keeping your engagement ring
as beautiful and shiny as the day they proposed.

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Wear It: Protect your Engagement Ring by Wearing it

This one is our favorite tip, protect your ring by wearing it! That’s right, one of the best ways to protect your ring is to wear it on your finger. 

If you aren’t used to wearing jewelry, it might take a few weeks to get used to having a diamond engagement ring on your finger… but what an exciting thing to get used to! 

By wearing your ring, you will get used to having it on your hand and over time, you will be comfortable enough in your diamond ring to know how to avoid it getting banged up or caught. 

Every time you take your engagement ring off, there is a chance of it getting lost or left behind. By keeping your ring on your finger, you’ll keep tabs on your new precious diamond ring.

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Take It Off: When should I take off my Engagement Ring?

Of course, there are times when wearing your diamond ring is not advised. If you are doing to the beach or doing the dishes, take your ring off and keep it in a safe place! 

Every time your ring comes off your finger, it should go in a designated area. Keep a ring holder by the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, and maybe one by your bed! 

We couldn’t help by showing you some of our favorite jewelry holders! 

For The Dog Mama
For The Minimalist
For The Modern Gal

Another great option is to store your engagement ring in your Buchroeders box! Especially when traveling. It might be nice to keep jewelry holders around the house, but anytime you travel make sure to take your Buchroeders box! 

You don’t want to leave your new engagement ring in a hotel! By keeping your Buchroders box, you will be able to keep better track of your ring, and also protect it from any scratches or potential damages.

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The Right Fit: Make sure your Engagement Ring fits correctly.

If your engagement ring was something your finance surprised you with your new diamond engagement ring, and you aren’t sure if it’s a perfect fit, come by Buchroeders, and let #jessethejeweler take a look! 

Buchroeders is always there for you and we want to make sure that you are thrilled with your ring. A big part of your experience is making sure your engagement ring is comfortable and is something you want to wear daily. 

Did you know that your fingers can change between seasons? It might not be a significant change for you, but if it is, come get your ring adjusted! In the winter, your fingers can get stronger, especially if you wear an engagement ring in Missouri! The humidity in the summer can make your fingers swell slightly, so it is possible to notice a change in how your ring fits from season to season.


Protect Your Ring with Assurance

Buchroeders is committed to protecting your ring, and we always encourage our customers to protect your diamond ring with Assurance. 

Assurance protects your ring and your state of mind. 

NO Annual Check-Ups | NO B.S. | NO Deductibles

With Assurance, if your ring is lost, damaged, or stolen, it’s covered! No questions asked.


Maintain, Check, & Clean

Last but certainly not least, you should regularly check the health our your band and setting. You are a long way away from breaking down your band due to wear, but it’s always good to get in the habit of checking. 

While you check your band for wear, check your setting and make sure that your diamond is properly soldered and secure in its setting. By checking your band and diamond setting, you’ll be able to catch and remove any build-up of unwanted residue from your engagement ring

When cleaning your ring avoid using harsh chemicals. (When using harsh chemicals cleaning your house, make sure you remove your ring!) Although your diamond is one of the toughest/ strongest natural substances on the planet, harsh chemicals can damage the metal of your ring and over time can cause damage to the diamond ring itself. 

Have a good cleaning routine for your diamond ring! Reference our Social Media on the best way to clean your engagement ring! 


How To Clean Your Engagement Ring

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