Let's Talk About Lab Grown Diamonds!

Diamonds made under lab conditions first appeared in the jewelry world over 30 years ago, but as far as diamonds go, they're still relatively new. To clarify any doubts, let’s explore what it means to purchase lab-grown diamonds and how they compare to natural ones.

 We’ll also touch on whether you should pick one over the other when shopping for luxury jewelry — since this choice isn’t only about aesthetics; it's also about value and pricing.

Lab-Grown Diamonds explained

Lab diamonds start as carbon crystals, just like naturally occurring ones. However, rather than growing underneath the planet’s soils for millions of decades, experts grow diamonds in lab settings that reproduce the intense temperature and pressure deep within our planet’s core.

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Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds and their authenticity

People often think of lab-created diamonds vs real diamonds — but honestly speaking, they’re just as real as natural crystals.

Lab-grown diamonds are 100% authentic and are optically, physically, and chemically indistinguishable from mined diamonds, differing in origin alone.

Whether still in doubt, you can also get hold of a diamond tester and verify your stone’s authenticity for yourself - the test works just the same for both kinds of diamonds.

Psst, we’ll let you in on a little secret! only an expert is capable of differentiating between lab-created diamonds and those mined in nature, and even then, it’s challenging. 

To make things easier, all diamonds made by humans are marked with a laser inscription on the girdle, identifiable under a magnifier by a gemologist alone.

Are lab-grown diamond rings more affordable?

lab-grown diamond ringsIf you’re reading this, chances are you’ve considered the price differential between a lab-grown diamond ring and jewelry made with mined diamonds.

 Lab-grown diamonds are a superb alternative for those who find it hard to afford mined crystals. Let’s put things into perspective: the cost of lab-grown diamonds averages around 50% less than their mined counterparts. Their laboratory origin spares on the materials and space that mining requires.

If you’re keen on finding an exquisite piece of jewelry without upsetting your wallet, then you’ll undoubtedly want to consider getting hold of a lab-grown diamond ring.

But if money is no concern, then you may wish to maintain a connection to Mother Nature’s soils with a natural diamond — also adding that ‘wow’ factor that only a rare gemstone formed under exceptional conditions can deliver.

What are the advantages of getting lab-grown diamonds?

Cost aside, one of the main benefits of lab-grown diamond jewelry is that its production is often more ethical than that of mined diamonds.

You’ve probably stumbled across the term responsible sourcing beforehand. If not, this basically refers to diamonds that involve unethical labor in their extraction and production phases. Although this situation is much more controlled globally after the implementation of the Kimberly Process.

lab-grown diamond jewelry

On the other hand, because lab diamonds are generated under controlled laboratory settings, you need not stress about whether your gemstone is conflict-free or not — it will fall into this classification automatically.

More practically, fancy colored diamonds are also rarely found in nature. As a result, the diversity of hues available to buyers is very limited and expensive. Luckily, laboratory conditions give experts control over diamond hues and their intensities — making colored lab diamonds available by order.

lab-created diamondsAre lab-grown diamonds sustainable?

The ecological front of things has proven a little more complicated than general propaganda around lab-grown diamonds has made it out to be.

Laboratory diamonds are considered more eco-friendly because their production occupies less space and makes use of smaller-scale machinery.

 However, recent research has suggested that the machines involved in the production of a lab-grown diamond require just as much fossil fuels, if not more, as those used in mines.

Therefore, it's worth researching the source of your diamond, and if your jewelry is not able to disclose where it was mined, that’s usually not a good sign!

Making the right decision

Now that you've learned all about lab-created diamonds,  you’ll probably be asking: are they right for you, or should you stick to the more traditional path of mined diamonds? 

Whether you opt for laboratory diamonds or natural ones, it’s vital to remember that both are beautiful and that, set in the right frame, either can effectively capture your unique personality.

Ultimately, it’s all about fashioning a breathtaking sample of bijouterie that adds to your happiness and stands for your personal values.

If you want to shed further light on the differences between these lab-grown crystals and their mined counterparts, glance over this article.

Where to buy lab-grown diamonds?

There’s no single best place for lab-grown diamonds they are available both online and at jewelry stores.

An excellent way to kick things off is by visiting a trustworthy jewelry store like Buchroeders, with a reputation and credibility for work well done.

With loose diamonds available for your close examination right here in-store, we’re more likely to offer you a rich selection of quality diamonds and help you find the best one for you!

If you’re still looking for something unique and special, consider opting for a bespoke bridal design tailored to your unique needs.

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Concluding thoughts

So, there you go! We’ve explored the key concerns around lab-created diamonds, their respective sources, and how this knowledge can help you make a decision that best caters to your unique lifestyle.

There are multiple advantages to purchasing both mined and lab-grown diamonds. But, with equal standards of quality as their natural counterparts, lab-created diamonds offer the added bonus of a cheaper cost, more variety of hues, and a conflict-free guarantee.

Buchroeders Diamonds are conflict-free and responsibly sourced because they come from the recycled market in abundant shapes and sizes.

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