Jewelry Repair & Restoration: Why Expertise & Experience Matter

Broken jewelry is like having a broken heart — it can be repaired and restored if you trust the right person. A single flaw can spoil the beauty & value of your jewelry. The restoration specialists here at Buchroeders are expertly trained to repair, restore and bring back the shine into a piece you deem special with our jewelry repair services.

If your jewelry requires revival, visit our in-house repair and restoration center for a zero-obligation assessment on what we can do to bring your jewelry back to life. We provide a range of restoration services to bring life back to a family heirloom piece or an engagement ring you got many years ago and would like to see about resetting it into something totally new. 

Ring Resizing

To make a ring smaller, our jeweler will cut out a piece of the band and then solder it back together utilizing our state-of-the-art laser welding soldering machine. He will then take the resized band or ring and polish it so there is zero indication that the ring has been altered. After an ultrasonic soak and high-pressure steam bath, your ring will look exactly the same, but this time, it will fit your finger.

To increase a ring's size, our jeweler will stretch the metal. This can only be done up to half a size larger. If you need it to be larger than that, he will instead cut out an extra piece of metal, solder it into place using our laser welder machine and then clean and polish the ring. 

Re-Tipping Prongs 

Prongs are metal supports that hold your diamond in place. Because they are so small, they can become damaged or weakened with time and wear. In a four-prong setting, a single broken prong can make it easier for the diamond to fall out of its place.

Over time, claws and settings may become worn down. This can be caused by many things, including rubbing against other jewelry or bumps and scuffs. Before we begin re-tipping your ring, we will recommend a plan based on the condition of your ring. Typically, we have two options. One; rescontruct your prongs and restabalize your setting by adding new metal if need be, or secondly; recreating and replacing your original setting entirely. Either way, our master-jeweler is able to bring your ring back to life and complete this repair 100% in house. 

Buchroeders has more than 125 years of experience bringing the excitement back into your engagement ring or jewelry repair

Shank Replacement 

The shank is the band of your engagement ring, where it meets the head of the ring. With continuous wear-and-tear, even the most durable types of precious metals like Platinum can break down over time, resulting in the shank growing thin and eventually cracking or snapping entirely. We restore any type of jewelry by soldering metal to the existing shank and repairing cracks or replacing the entire shank if we judge it necessary.

Repair or Replacement Findings

Jewelry findings, often simply referred to as parts, are the components used to create jewelry such as bracelets, chains, or necklaces. For example, we may repair most broken findings as clasps or chain ends.

Chain Fix With Laser & Soldering

Chains come in all shapes and sizes, from thinner fine Italian style to big chunky chains.

Fixing broken chains when a faulty link breaks is common in our shop. No matter how shattered in pieces your necklace may be or If you think it’s too fine to be repaired, our Master Bench Jewelers will prove you otherwise and finish it with a clean polish.

We use laser technology to precisely repair each link that makes up your chain.

Jewelry Restoration

There’s a handful of jewelry repair stores in Columbia MO — But only Buchroeders can provide sound quality in restoring your jewelry with quality, accuracy, and devotion.

Do you have a stunning family heirloom or your grandmother’s ring you’d like to revamp and put on? We have deep expertise in antique jewelry, notably vintage style or Art Deco pieces.

Buchroeders jewelry repair specialists can take a piece of old heirloom jewelry and dismantle each material to recreate something entirely new with the help of our in-house designer!

Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry can lose its luster and become dirty. Several special chemicals are used during jewelry restoration to remove any remaining dirt and bring your piece back to a bright, gleaming finish. 

At Buchroeders Jewelers, we can take care of that for you at our Columbia, MO shop. We strive to bring the shine back into your jewelry so you can enjoy wearing it, just like the first time you got it!

Expertise & Experience in jewelry repair means:

  • Being handy with all categories of jewelry
  • Master Jeweler on-site for complex tasks
  • Giving an exact quote and concrete deadline for completion 
  • Going the extra mile to guarantee absolute fulfillment and a job well done

Jewelry Repair Services Trustingly Done

Being able to rely on a 125-year-old family business for jewelry and watch repair is a testament to its dependability, longevity, and experience in the industry. We have a rich history of working with luxury brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Breitling.


Do your due diligence and get suggestions from people you trust, like family or close friends  — don’t be surprised if they tell you that Buchroeders is the best place to repair your jewelry in Columbia, MO.

Skills and Finesse

Our expert repairpersons comprehend the emotional attachment you can hold for your jewelry — and how vital it is for them to be in great hands.

We strive to restore your custom piece, diamond ring, or heirloom to beautiful and shiny perfection. We are always ready to adapt to your needs, and years in the field allow us to ontake even the most intricate jewelry pieces.

We also have a great angle on designer pieces, so if you’re holding on to a Cartier or Graff diamond necklace, earrings, or fancy ring — let us examine it closely and break down the reparation steps to you in detail.

Before you go…

Contact us today to inquire about refurbishing or repairing your most treasured jewelry items with the help of knowledgeable experts.

Our approach is professional, caring, and hands-on to retrieve your broken treasures from the dark depths of your jewelry box and put them back in the spotlight!

So if you’re typing jewelry repair near me on your search engine and notice Buchroeders in search results — you are warmly invited to visit us in person. 

Our Master Bench Jeweler Jesse and the entire team here at Buchroeders are ready to repair your jewelry or restore its glory completely with professionalism, integrity, and our ace of spades craftsmanship promise.