Holiday Gift Guide: The Rolex Lover

Holiday Gift Guide: The Rolex Lover


Rolex Lover


Are you looking for a Rolex this year? If you're shopping for a loved one or yourself for a new family heirloom, consider looking at Buchroeder's Pre-Owned Rolex Watches. 

With dozens of Rolexes added to our inventory monthly, we are certain we can find the watch that's worth your time! 

Rolex For Her 

Rolex | 36 MM Datejust Everrose Gold Roman Diamond Dial-126231


There is a Rolex out there for everyone, even for her! If you are in the marketing for a Rolex, consider finding a pre-owned Rolex for her. Buchroeders drops dozen of Used Rolexes weekly, so our inventory is always fresh. 

If you’re looking for a holiday gift, this rose gold Datejust Rolex might be the perfect fit. Faceted with diamonds and a sleek two-toned band. This Rolex is just what you’ve been looking for. 


Rolex For The Sporty Guy 

Rolex | 44 MM  “PEPSI” GMT-Master II 

Rolex isn’t just for the traditional executive man. Our sports models Rolex are popular choices for our Rolex Lovers. Rolex watches for men are a luxury accessory that becomes a timeless family heirloom. 


Rolex GMT-Master II are popular sports models that have taken on names of their own. Anything with a nickname is bound to be popular. In our current inventory, we have the much-loved Rolex Pepsi and the Rolex Batgirl. 

As we sustainably source from the recycled diamond market, the items we have come in are unpredictable, but make sure to subscribe to our email lists to catch our new product drops on Friday. 

Fingers crossed we’ll see some pre-owned Rolex Starbucks, Rolex Root Beer, and Rolex Coke.


Rolex For The Professional 

Rolex | 41 MM Datejust Gold & Steel Jubilee Bracelet
For the man looking for a day-to-day professional watch, this pre-owned Rolex Datejust in Gold and Steel is a true and timeless classic. 


This two-toned watch featured a fluted bezel for a little extra flair. If you’re looking for a men’s Rolex, this might be an excellent choice!


Rolex For The Minimalist 

Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel Watch 

If you’re a fan of the Rolex Datejust in Gold and Silver, but still feel it’s a bit bold for your taste, the Rolex Datejust in Stainless Steel is the choice for you. 

Unlike the Datejust in Gold in Silver, this Rolex features a smooth bezel and a one-toned metal. This minimal style ensures it’s a true classic and can be loved for generations.




Rolex For The Big Personality

Rolex Day-Date Yellow Gold Watch

For the over-the-top “flexer”, this solid gold Rolex screams “I want attention!” You will certainly be the star of the show. 


This undeniable brand recognition will have everyone in your party asking questions, the most important one being, “where did you find that Rolex”? To which you can promptly answer, “the best place in Mid-Mo to get a Rolex, Buchroeders!” 

In all seriousness, this goldie with a diamond jubilee dial is the perfect statement piece for the man in your life who likes a little extra.


Rolex For The Luxury Lover 

Rolex | President Day-Date Yellow Gold Watch 

For a more understated Gold Watch, this President Day-Date Yellow Gold Rolex. This pre-owned Rolex is elegantly sleek, with a touch of flair through its fluted bezel, and of course the solid gold. 

For the Rolex Lover in your life, choose a little luxury with this Day-Date. 

Whatever Rolex you choose, Buchroeder’s is the best place to make a purchase. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with a luxury experience, from the moment you see us online past your purchase, our main focus is you. 


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