Holiday Gift Guide: The Diamond Lover

Gifts For The Diamond Lover In Your Life

The Diamond Lover


0.64 CT Eternity Band- Yellow Gold 

Rings are one of our favorite gifts year-round, but we especially love them for Christmas. If you are looking to give someone special in your life something truly precious this year for the holidays, we don’t think you can go wrong with a ring or an eternity band. 


Eternity bands symbolize your never-ending love and are typically characterized by a precious metal band set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones, though who says they have to be identical? 


We absolutely love this band and its unique personality!  

1.27 CT Emerald Diamond Ring (9-Stone)

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, this timeless 9-stone emerald cut eternity band is the perfect addition to any finger! Stacking rings has become increasingly popular and an eternity band is an excellent way to add to your ring collection. 


This clean-cut, traditional band, is one for the books! Whoever finds this in their Christmas stocking this year is sure to have a smile as bright as these diamonds. 


0.05 CT Micro Pave Diamond Prong Band- Rose Gold

For an incredible gift under $1000.00, this Mirco Pave Rose Gold Eternity Band is the perfect gift for the edgy gal in your life. 

This unique band is a great minimal piece and can be done in gold, white gold, or rose gold. 

If you like this look but are interested in a softer alternative, this stellar collection can be done with rounded edges.



Tennis Bracelet 

We have a tennis bracelet in everyone’s budget! Buchroeder’s has a selection of 6 Diamond Studded Tennis Bracelets in different karat weights to fit whatever budget you have this holiday season. 

A tennis bracelet is a timeless symmetrical design with an arran

Tennis Bracelets

gement of diamonds on a precious metal. 

Fun Fact: Tennis Bracelets were named after an American Tennis Player, Chris Evert, who lost her diamond bracelet during a match and stopped playing until she was able to find it. Safe to say we would’ve done the same thing.  

1.06CT Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

4.00CTW Diamond Tennis Bracelet

6.70CT Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet- White Gold


Diamond Studs

Natural Diamond Studs

A great diamond earring is a gift for any holiday, and a statement piece that anyone would be happy to have. 

Diamond Stud Earrings

The great thing about a diamond earring is that it will look good with whatever you put on, but is such a classic piece that it can be worn day in and day out. 

This is where spending a little bit more on something real, makes a big difference. Sure, you can go buy a pair of faux diamond studs anywhere and wear them until they fall apart, but when you wear something as often as you would wear a simple diamond stud, it's a great opportunity to invest in something built to last. 

We have a stud diamond earring for everyone, and when you invest in a natural stud earring Buchroeder’s offers a dollar-for-dollar trade. A few years from now when you’re looking to repurpose your diamond studs or want to trade in for a larger pair, we’ll make sure that your value is retained in your purchase.

Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

Lab-grown diamonds are a more affordable option than natural diamonds, which means, right now, your investment cost will be lighter for a larger stone than that of a natural diamond. 

Lab-grown diamonds won’t retain their value like a natural diamond, but they are nonetheless, a wonderful option for a loved one this holiday season.

Diamond Pave Studded Earrings

We truly believe that diamonds are for everyone, and we’re committed to making sure that you have the option to shop with us, and walk away with something you love. 

That’s why we love these pave diamond studded earrings. Whether you’re a gold-gold girl or a white-gold girl, these earrings might be a great fit for you. 

What’s so great about a pave earring is that the collection of little diamonds is specifically designed to give the illusion of a big diamond. 

This means serious sparkle without the splurge!


Diamond Necklaces


0.24CT  Emerald Bezel Necklace- Yellow Gold 


This bezel-set pendant necklace is a perfect duo with our dainty emerald engagement ring

0.35CT Round Diamond Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

Is your love written in the stars? Although this isn’t a true constellation, this astronomy-like diamond cluster is a trending style with a timeless elegance. Give the gift of a little blue box this Christmas. 

0.85CT The Essential Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace 



Diamonds Under $1K 

At Buchroeders we believe that everyone deserves a diamond! If you don’t have thousands of dollars in your pocket, that doesn’t mean we don’t have something for you. 

Aside from gold and pearls, we have selected some of our diamond pieces for under $1000 for you to enjoy. 


0.10CT XOXO Ring- White Gold 


This trendy fashion ring says hugs and kisses like nothing else! This diamond ring is a simple and dainty piece of diamond jewelry for any young woman in your life. 

0.06CT David Yurman Diamond Petite Pave Labyrinth Mini Single-Loop Bracelet

For under $600 you can have designer and diamonds. Sign us up! David Yurman's cuff bracelets are a great gift for any time of the year, but this will surely be the best gift for someone’s Christmas. 

This everyday wear is a great introduction to fine jewelry. These bracelets are for dressing up or dressing down. However you choose to style it, we’re certain you’ll love this timeless piece. 

0.28 Pave Pear Dangle Band Ring- Yellow Gold


Our staff loved this little ring! It’s such a unique piece and would be a great addition to any ring collection. 

At Buchroeders were committed to making sure you find a diamond this holiday. 

Buchroeders Jewelers, where diamonds are for everyone.