Halo Enagement Rings! What are they and how do I choose my perfect ring?

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If you’re in search of an engagement ring, chances are, you have heard the term “halo”. But what is a “halo” engagement ring? Among our bridal clients, this is a frequently asked question when it comes to building their custom engagement ring. There are several different halo variations, some more pronounced, others more subtle. In this article, we break down the three most popular halo engagement ring styles that you must know. 

Regardless of what diamond shape you love, a halo is a great option and it doesn’t have to stop at one band. Your halos can be as unique as you- double and triple halo bands are becoming popular. This can give you some serious glam to your ring without the upfront cost investment of a larger carat center diamond. 

Although halos seem like the “trendy option”, their roots in art deco and vintage styles make halos an elegant and timeless option for your engagement ring. 


The Classic Halo Engagement Ring

Double Halo Oval Engagement Ring

Of course, we have your traditional “OG” Halo. The classic halo ring was popularized in the 1920s and 1930s and made a comeback nearly 100 years later in 2020. 

Good trends will always come back around! The purpose of a halo is to enhance the beauty of your center diamond and to make it look larger than it actually is while keeping your budget in mind. A traditional halo can double the surface area of your diamond. 

Halo engagement ring settings can offer a certain je ne sais quoi to your center diamond, enhancing the sparkle we all want! 




The Hidden Halo Engagement Ring (Most Popular)


If you are looking for a more understated ring, or don’t want to take away from your center diamond, a hidden halo is a perfect option. 


A hidden halo is a perfect little surprise hiding under the main stone of your engagement ring. A hidden halo is a great option if you want to highlight your center stone. Hidden halos allow your diamond to be the star of the show, while still adding a little extra glamour to your engagement ring


The Collar Halo Engagement Ring (A Personal Favorite!)




The collar halo is a variation that is more pronounced than the hidden halo, yet not as visible as the traditional halo engagement ring. We like to refer to the Collar Halo as a modern hybrid of the two most popular halo style settings. 

The Collar Halo could be the perfect match for you’re looking for the sweet in-between these two styles of halos. 

The collar halo allows your center diamond to be the star of the show, the hidden sparkle of the hidden halo, AND the added glamour onto your ring in a more dramatic way than a hidden halo.


Your collar halo engagement ring has a beautiful hidden halo extending around the prongs, holding your diamond in place. Think of it as continuous a little trail of diamonds… who wouldn’t want to follow that.  


Find your Custom Halo Band

When choosing your engagement ring, it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer to choosing your diamond. Your ring needs to speak to you and should be a tribute to your love story. Whether you choose a round halo engagement ring or an oval halo collar engagement ring with a pave band, there is a diamond ring that is out there for you. Our mission is to help you find it! 

Come into Buchroeder’s today, or schedule a virtual diamond consultation to pick out your custom engagement ring. We can’t wait to help you find your diamond.