FAQ: Lab-Grown Or Natural Diamonds: Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Engagement Ring Factors To Consider When Choosing A Diamond

FAQ: What are the key differences between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds? 

If you and your partner are starting to look at engagement rings, there are several factors you’ll consider. 
  • How much does an engagement ring cost?
  • Will my engagement ring be valuable? 
  • How can I design my engagement ring? 

These might be some factors the two of you will look at when shopping for diamond engagement rings. As you look through the world of diamonds and diamond engagement rings, you’ll start to see conversations about natural or lab-grown diamonds.

Either way, people have strong feelings about lab-grown diamonds or natural diamonds. As your bespoke jeweler, we want to give you an unbiased breakdown of lab-grown engagement rings and natural diamond engagement rings so you can feel confident in whichever you choose. 

Besides how the diamonds are manufactured, the most significant difference is the cost and value of natural and lab-grown diamonds. 

How much does an engagement ring cost?

There is a considerable amount of upfront savings when you purchase a lab-grown diamond. Natural diamonds are priced based on rarity, not beauty. Lab-grown diamonds don’t have the same quantity restrictions as natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds can be produced in weeks, whereas a natural diamond is millions of years in the making. 

If you choose to get a lab-grown diamond, you’ll be able to get a bigger diamond for less than you would a natural diamond. So if you want the “big diamond look,” a lab-grown engagement ring is a great choice!

How valuable is my engagement ring? 

If the size of your engagement ring is the most important factor to you, lab-grown diamonds are an excellent choice. Your upfront investment will be much less than a natural diamond; however, it will have lesser value retention. 

Lab-grown engagement rings are new to the diamond scene, and large wholesalers set their prices. As these processes continue, labs will create more lab-grown diamonds faster. 

Natural diamonds retain or even increase in value over time due to their rarity; thus, they are considered an appreciating asset.  On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are created and do not have a finite amount; therefore, they do not retain the same value. 

Not all consider diamonds as a monetary investment. Your engagement ring is more than just its economic value. However, if you want to invest in a diamond, it is wiser to go with a natural diamond instead of a lab-grown diamond, even if it’s smaller.

Should I get a lab-grown diamond engagement ring?  

Whatever direction you and your partner decide to take, Buchroeders wants to make your diamond-buying experience spectacular! 

Our job is to provide clarity and transparency and guide you through the diamond-buying process. 

If you are considering a lab-grown diamond, here are the factors we encourage you to consider: 

  • You can get a larger lab-grown diamond for a lot less than a natural diamond, but your lab-grown diamond engagement ring doesn’t retain any monetary value
  • Contrary to popular belief, lab-grown diamonds are not as ethical as natural diamonds
    • We’ll break this down for you. Keep reading! 
  • Lab-grown diamonds are still REAL diamonds and are still beautiful
  • Buchroeders can do anything you want with a natural or lab-grown diamond in design or setting. 
Buchroeders covers your ring setting for both natural and lab-grown engagement rings for 30 days without Gotta Love It Guarantee*

Is my diamond ethical?

Natural Diamonds from the Recycled Diamond Market are a more ethical and eco-friendly choice. 

Our clients are interested in where their diamonds come from. In addition, couples are considering if their purchase is making an unethical contribution to the people or the planet. 

When you read about lab-grown diamonds, you will see that they are considered “more eco-friendly” or more ethical; however, this is not entirely true. 

These sources are not considering that most diamonds were mined years ago. At these points, diamonds are, for the most part, far removed from any unethical mining practices. Less than 10% of diamonds on the market are considered conflict diamonds. 

Laws restrict mining companies and jewelry manufacturers from practicing unethical mining practices. 

Any time diamonds are mined, there are some carbon emissions from the mining process. However, a lab-grown diamond produces nearly 40% more carbon into the atmosphere than a natural diamond. 

The fact is that lab-grown diamonds are NOT more eco-friendly than natural diamonds and that natural diamonds are so far removed from unethical mining practices that less than 10% of diamonds on the market are from conflict.

Better Yet, Buchroeders Buys From The Recycled Diamond Market

If ethics and eco-friendliness are fundamental to you, Buchroeders is the best place to find your diamond engagement ring! 

Our diamonds have been out of the ground for 40-80 years! As a result, they are far removed from any conflict, and the processes used to mine the diamonds were far less invasive or disruptive to the planet than they might be now. 

All diamonds have a history! Diamonds are millions of years old; diamonds today have been out of the earth for decades or hundreds of years. So for most of us, diamonds are the oldest thing we will ever hold. 

Appreciating your diamond's journey and history can make you find it at Buchroeders even more magical and romantic.

Both Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds are REAL- the choice is yours!

Both Lab-Grown diamond engagement rings and natural diamond engagement rings are REAL! At Buchroeders, our only angle is helping you find the diamond that feels best for you and your fiance. 

If a bigger diamond is what you care about, we have several beautiful lab-grown engagement rings. Here are some of our favorites!

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Pear Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring | Halo- White Gold

Cushion Diamond Lab-Grown Engagement Ring

Cushion Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring | Double Halo- White Gold 

Oval Lab-Grown Engagement Ring

Oval Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring | Signature Solitaire + Hidden Halo- White Gold

Natural Diamond Engagement Rings

If you value retention and consider ethical practices more important, a natural diamond might be a more desirable choice for you. 

If you are looking for a natural diamond, Buchroeders has the largest selection of loose diamonds in Missouri! 

Rose Gold Pear Engagement Ring


Pear Diamond Engagement Ring | Solitaire- Rose Gold

Round Diamond Engagment Ring
Round Diamond Engagement Ring | Halo- White and Rose Gold

Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Round Diamond Engagement Ring | Halo- White Gold 

Whatever you choose, Buchroeders has a team of diamond experts ready to assist you and help you find the perfect engagement ring. So see us at 1021 E. Broadway Columbia, MO, Tuesday-Sunday. Buchroeders, where diamonds are for everyone. 


*Gotta Love It Guarantee covers all natural diamonds and diamond settings; however, lab-grown diamonds cover the setting of the diamond but not any trade-in value.