Emerald Cut Diamond Rings: Engagement & Wedding Ring Edition

Despite representing 3% of all diamonds available on the market, emerald cut engagement rings and women’s wedding bands are among the oldest ring styles and are sought-after to this day. 

Emerald cut diamond rings match modernity with a sense of vintage, making it a great option for those who want a subtle yet sophisticated look. 

In this article, we'll cover the origins of this rectangular stone shape while diving a little deeper into the emerald cut diamond engagement ring and the wedding band with emerald cut diamonds.

Emerald cut diamond rings

What are emerald cut diamond rings? 

An emerald cut diamond engagement ring typically features an elongated rectangular shape as the center stone, with step cuts forming linear facets along the sides. The corners are generally cropped to offer extra protection for the stone.

The central stone may be accompanied by a plain band or decorated with pave-set diamonds for unparalleled sparkle. 

At the end of the day, an emerald cut diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band produces a striking combination of reflections, shade, and light, that generate a sense of profundity — a perfect way to set your love in stone when proposing to your dear one. 

Where does the emerald cut come from? 

The emerald cut dates back to the sixteenth century when gemstone cutters made the most of this shape in processing and cutting emerald stones (the green ones).

Emeralds are naturally brittle and soft, which means they can easily chip. Gemstone cutters discovered that the emerald cut was perfect for avoiding any chips or other damage to the stone. This shape was later adopted when processing other precious stones but remains faithful to its emerald origins. 

When it comes to diamonds, the emerald cut is very cost-effective since it has the highest weight yield. This means that the amount of carat that is chipped away in the process is minimal.

What are the pros and cons of an emerald cut? 

Apart from delivering a chic look, an emerald cut engagement ring or a wedding band with emerald cut diamonds is widely available on the market, which means that you can easily find the right shape and size that matches the quality of your love. 

Diamond rings with this shape also tend to sell around 20% to 30% cheaper than the most expensive round diamonds.

Buchroeders Jewelers

Because it was designed for softer stones, the emerald cut is also a perfect option to enhance your diamond's strength and durability, adding a little extra protection against daily tear and wear.

The wide window of the stone, also known as the surface table, makes the stone look larger in comparison to other popular cuts like the round brilliant or a cushion cut.

But the flat surface area of emerald cut engagement rings also means that any inclusions will be more noticeable. For this reason, we recommend investing in a higher quality diamond with VVS2 clarity or higher as an ideal and VS1 as the minimum. If your stone has any inclusions, make sure they are hidden from the center view.

The same goes for color. Yellower tints will be more visible to the naked eye through the large glass window of an emerald cut. For the best cost-value, aim for a diamond that is graded I or higher. 

For more on diamond clarity and color gradings, have a look over our diamond education page.

Women's wedding bands

Women's diamond wedding bands are an important tradition in the history of marriage, and the kind of stone you use is essential in setting the tone of a relationship. 

You can find the perfect wedding band with emerald cut diamonds for your wife-to-be in many ways.

Let's start simple. 

If your other half is the kind of person that appreciates minimalism, go for something like this emerald cut diamond set on a plain band. Our signature halo provides an elegant sparkle that is only visible from certain angles, a perfect metaphor for intimacy.

wedding band with emerald cut diamonds

If your gal is the kind that prefers not to hold back on sparkle, then we recommend you go all the way with a diamond eternity band. The full circle of emerald cut diamonds can't help but spell out a firm love with a hint of glamour. 

For a classier look, go for women's wedding bands with triple stones. This emerald cut with tapered baguettes generates a sophisticated effect that funnels the viewer's attention into the central stone, enhancing its natural beauty. 

You can also adjust the shape of the emerald cut on women's wedding bands by adjusting the ratio of the rectangle. As a standard, we recommend a ratio between 1.30 to 1.60.

Emerald cut bridal set 

The fact that this style of gemstone shape has survived the test of time makes it the perfect metaphor for an undivided commitment with an emerald cut engagement ring and proof of that bond with a matching wedding band with emerald cut diamonds

There is nothing like an emerald cut engagement ring set with a plain band to mark such a significant turning point in a person's life.

cut engagement ring set

This East-West semi-Bezel solitaire, for instance, features the finest band on the market, making it a perfect way to celebrate a modern relationship adorned with an air of class and style.

On the other hand, a wedding band with emerald cut diamonds is the perfect choice for daily use because of its durability and the visibility factor that this diamond shape delivers.

Concluding thoughts

Whether you are looking for an emerald cut engagement ring or a wedding band with emerald cut diamonds for your bride-to-be, embrace class and modernity with this diamond shape.

Emerald cut diamond rings convey a timeless look that caters to both vintage lovers and modern couples.

Get in touch with our bespoke bridal experts today to start designing the perfect emerald cut engagement ring and complimentary women’s wedding band just for you.

Our diamond experts and ring designers are equipped with all the knowledge and skills you need to translate your dream of love into reality.