Diamonds Last Forever: Give Her The Gift That Will Sparkle For Years: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Love is in the air! If you haven’t found that one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone, look no further than Buchroeders. 

As Missouri’s top-rated jeweler for over 125 years, Buchroeders knows how to pick out a gift she will never forget this Valentine’s Day. 

Chocolates are nice, but they only last a week. This year, get your special someone a gift that will sparkle for years! We’ve picked out our top 6 Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

1896 Diamond Stud Earrings

1896 Diamond Stud Earrings 

Once a year, Buchroeders does something truly special with our 1 CTW Natural Diamond Stud Earrings, and what better time to do it than Valentine’s Day? Get your limited selection of 1 CTW Natural Diamond Stud Earrings for only $1,896. 

Our owner and executive team hand-paired each of our diamond stud earrings; they are a true “perfect match.” Unlike getting diamond stud earrings at a traditional jeweler, Buchroeders waits until each diamond finds its perfect partner before hitting our sales floor. 

Before our diamond stud earrings are cleaned and put in a case for you to find, fall in love with, and take home, they wait at Buchroeders to find their life-long partner. 

Our master jeweler Jesse, #JesseTheJeweler, mounts the couple in their earring base, and then they are finally ready to go to the sales floor, and eventually home to you! 

Buchroeders 1896 Diamond Stud Earrings are perfect for any time of the year. Still, if you want to do something unforgettable this Valentine’s Day, a pair of diamond earrings is a beloved essential for any woman. A simple stud earring will be a beloved and cherished piece of jewelry that will be kept, worn often, and passed down for generations. Diamond stud earrings are a great start to a new family heirloom.

Heart-Shaped Diamond Pendant

2.16 CT Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace 

Buchroeders always finds the most remarkable diamond pieces! This stunning heart-shaped diamond pendant necklace is a true statement piece and her new favorite staple. 

Simple jewelry done right is such a great way to gift when it comes to jewelry. If you don’t know what she’ll love, it’s safe to say that any woman will adore a 2.16 CT Diamond Heart Pendant. 

Pendant necklaces are again an everyday option, making it a great start to her diamond collection. This 14K white gold pendant is a timeless diamond necklace that will always stand the test of time. Diamonds never go out of style! 


David Yurman Cable Collectible Pave Heart Bracelet 

Designer items don’t have to break the bank! At Buchroeders, we believe that diamonds are for everyone and are dedicated to finding the perfect jewelry for the woman you love. Once you find the perfect piece, we never want money to prevent you from your dream jewelry or engagement ring. Our staff is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for purchasing your jewelry confidently and easily. 

David Yurman is a great luxury choice for those who aren’t looking to drop a few grand for the season of love! While everyone would love a 3 CT Diamond, sometimes the small and delicate pieces chosen with love are the jewelry we fall in love with the most! 

Add to your David Yurman collection, or get started with this simple but lovely cable collectible heart bracelet with beautiful pave diamonds in sterling silver.



0.28CTW Heart Solitaire Engagement Ring 

At first glance, this dainty ring seems like the one right next to it, a beautiful and traditional round diamond engagement ring with a petite pave diamond band, but look a little closer! 

At second glance, this beautiful gold engagement ring shows its character with a delicate heart-shaped diamond. Heart-shaped diamond engagement rings will attract a specific love story like any fancy-cut diamond ring! 

Heart-shaped engagement rings are particularly popular for February proposals, so if you’re popping the question this Valentine’s Day, this timeless-cut diamond might be a perfect choice. 

Heart-shaped diamond engagement rings capture light to create a unique sparkle and shine. Heart-shaped cuts can make the diamond look bigger than it is, and who doesn’t love a bigger diamond? 

If you are looking for an engagement ring and think a heart-shaped diamond is a choice, come to Buchroeders and meet one of our diamond experts to design your engagement ring. A heart-shaped diamond can be set as a halo engagement ring or a solitaire engagement ring in any band color you desire.

Designing an engagement ring can be a great way to express your love! Unlike in the past, many couples shop for engagement rings together, and Buchroeders is the best place in Missouri to customize a ring.


Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant- Sterling Silver 

Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendants are a Tiffany & Co. classic! This statement style originated in 1970 when Elsa Peretti designed this pendant as a note to the spirit of love! 

Tiffany & Co. still sells Elsa Peretti’s Open Heart Pendant in 2023, which is still a popular style. Elsa Peretti is a visionary jewelry designer and still partners with Tiffany & Co. nearly five decades later. 

If you are looking for designer jewelry this Valentine’s Day, there isn’t a woman out there who wouldn’t adore a Tiffany & Co. pendant selected by the heart of the person she loves. Celebrate your love story with this stunning 22-inch silver necklace that will delicately rest near your loved one’s heart. 

If your loved one is a woman in love with gold, Buchroeders also has a Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant in yellow gold with a 0.10 CT diamond in the crest of the heart. 

She will wear this pendant close to the heart of whatever style you choose. 


Cartier Love Bracelet- White Gold 

Cartier Love Bracelet- Rose Gold 

What better way to celebrate love than with a Cartier Love Bracelet, this wildly popular design has more dupes on the market than potentially any other designer piece of jewelry, but nothing beats the real deal! 

Buchroeders commonly collect Cartier jewelry and just as commonly sell it to someone like you in the market looking for an iconic designer piece. The Cartier Love Collection features the Cartier Love Bracelet, Cartier Love Rings,  Cartier Love Pendants, Huggie Earrings, Chain Bracelets, and more.

The Cartier Love Collection has a bit of a controversial history… but an interesting background! 

The Cartier Love Bracelet was modeled after the ideal chastity belts… we know, weird! If you look deeper into the meaning, it makes a little more of a romantic turn. These historic belts were made to tell the world that the wearer was “locked in love.” Today, this Cartier style’s seamless design requires a bit of a “trick” to remove, symbolizing a commitment to one’s love story. 

However, you choose to express your love. Buchroeders wants to help you find your perfect piece this Valentine's Day. With brands like David Yurman, Rolex, Tiffany & Co. and more in our inventory, there is something for everyone.