6 Awe-Inspiring Halo Engagement Rings

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and set up an unforgettable proposal surprise for your significant other — but also realized you need an equally memorable dream engagement ring for when the time comes.

Choosing your dream engagement ring is no simple choice.

A stunning bespoke bridal halo ring certainly lives up to its design’s reputation, with an intricate and skillful arrangement of diamonds (or another gemstone of your choice) producing a natural and breathtaking elegance, marrying the sophistication of modern craftsmanship with the finesse of personalization.

But now that you’ve made your decision, what design to go after?

Luckily, there are many designs out there to help you find your dream engagement ring. You might go for the subtle delicacy of a hidden halo engagement ring or the more outspoken double halo for extra sparkles. This article will walk you through 6 awe-inspiring halo engagement ring designs from some of the most sought-after luxury jewelry brands to inspire you.

Love Intertwined In Modernity

David Yurman’s signature cable design espouses modern engineering and technology with the fluid movement of nature to create a shapeshifter. This spectacular ring with a cushion-cut diamond at the center is set in 18k platinum, a graceful addition to David Yurman’s Lanai Collection. Each angle of this ring brings a unique shine and shape, providing it with dazzling life and movement.

The versatile nature of the pavé split bands that mingle together to support the halo, and central stone evokes both the movement of a serpent or roots and the intricate theme of two forces coming together to create a bold and loving connection.

A Three-Stone Golden Hug For Sentimentals

As the name suggests, Abbraccio, translated from Italian, simply means “hug.” The scalloped pavé bands extend into a halo that seamlessly wraps itself around a perfectly brilliant round cut diamond in a way that mimics an embrace.

The design brings together strength and tenderness. Its 18k yellow gold finish creates the ideal contrast for a dream engagement ring, making a powerful statement to embrace a healthy love relationship.

This ring comes with an option for a multi-layered pavé band which offers extra protection to the central stone from daily tear and wear, as well as letting you decide on how bold you’d like to make this embrace!

A Teardrop of Pure Joy

Rose gold never gets old. And this fabulous dream engagement ring by Noam Carver gently revives the classical pear cut diamond halo setting like never before.

1.25ct of pure joy encircled by a smaller pavé-set of diamonds to crystalize the breathtaking beauty of this timeless design, while the 14k rose gold band effortlessly creates the much-needed contrast to add to its delicate sense of elegance.

It is a ring that fluently captures life’s surprises and offers overtones of growth and fertility for your romantic union.

A Dual-Touch of Contemporary
& Vintage

Graff really hit a home run with this one. A superb oval cut diamond encircled by shimmering pavé diamonds, which can’t help but spell out c-h-i-q-u-e. Made for the confident, go-getter gal who has a taste for the finest designs in fine jewelry.

The Icon Oval Diamond Engagement Ring is simply grandiose at first glance, with a design inviting light to dance through the center stone. The ring accentuates an elegant sense of glamour, sophistication, and contemporary romance.

Paired with a matching wedding band later on, the wearer’s ring finger will surely make sparkly statements for a very long time!

Spring In A Ring

The art of glamour is not always about going for as much sparkle as possible. It’s most often about adding a little twist that will bring out the natural radiance of a diamond to make it shine differently.

Manifesting the natural beauty of sweet petals, the twelve smaller marquise accent diamonds of this dream of an engagement ring elegantly cocoon a 1ct marquise-cut diamond at the center.

This piece from Gabriel & Co. truly represents thinking outside the box and defying traditional norms of what a proposal ring should look like.


A Double Trouble Halo

If you have no financial reservations and want to go all-in with a breathtaking ring that most definitely stands out, this is it.

The 4 claw setting that accommodates this impressive brilliant round-cut diamond is caressed by strips of bead-set pink & white diamonds that echoes subliminal luxe.

The double halo back by side rows of pavé diamonds cast light in all direction similar to how the very first rays of the sunrise. Tiffany Soleste is the name of this double halo round cut engagement ring which the design’s magnitude is simply unrivaled.


We hope this article has somewhat enlighten you on your journey of finding the dream engagement ring your partner deserves. We have presented versatility in all aspects of the design whether it’s the diamond shape, ring setting or metal color so you can get inspired!

If any of the hereabove caught your attention or even inspired you to create your own, our bespoke bridal service is here to help.

Buchroeders customization also means that you can build a design that suits your unique relationship. Not to mention that customizing your ring gives you control over the 4C’s of your diamond which directly influence the price aspect.

We have in-house designers and diamond experts that hold the experience to assist you rigorously in making a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly suits both your stylistic and financial needs.