Buchroeders has a vast selection of diamonds and can price match any competitor nationwide. If Buchroeders can’t price match a diamond for you then a fancy steak dinner for two is on us! Our Steak Dinner Guarantee and everyday Best Diamond Value Promise gives you the confidence that you are making the right choice in selecting Buchroeders.

Best Diamond Value Promise
Buchroeders’ everyday ultra-competitive diamond and engagement ring prices are the best you will find anywhere. With these aggressive prices, we also provide an extensive list of complimentary services for the life of the ring that other companies don’t. These services include free cleaning, ring sizing, free refinishing and rhodium plating on white gold rings, as well as our dollar-for-dollar diamond trade-up privilege. These essential services generally cost in excess of a thousand dollars over the lifetime of a typical engagement ring.

Steak Dinner Guarantee
For those solely motivated by the lowest purchase price and are willing to forfeit our complimentary maintenance, Buchroeders will match the price of any diamond sold by our competitors. The diamond’s price must be advertised either online or in print and customers must provide the link or a print out of the advertised price at the time of purchase. 

To ensure accuracy, our diamond price matching requires that comparable diamonds must only be graded by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Diamonds will be compared according to the Four Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight; as well as additional criteria such as fluorescence, polish and symmetry, table and depth percentage, measurements, ratios, location and type of inclusion the diamond possesses.

If we can’t find and supply a comparable diamond at the competitor’s advertised rate, we will give you a $100 gift card to the restaurant of your choice… 
That’s our Steak Dinner Guarantee.

Customers may purchase repairs and maintenance services at our regular rates. Pricing must be valid by competitor at time of purchase. The sales price must not be expired, or exist as a typographical pricing error. Competitor shipping charges will be calculated and factored in to the cost of the comparison. In order for Buchroeders to match a diamond price found online we will need upfront payment in full prior to supplying the diamond just like online companies do. Limit one gift card per couple or individual.

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