Assurance Jewelry Protection

The Buchroeders Assurance Program is your Best Option to protect your jewelry. It’s a comprehensive limited warranty that protects your jewelry, offering you peace of mind. Our plan only requires one payment per year and has No Premiums or No Annual Inspections after the initial evaluation.


  • Complete Loss
  • Theft
  • ALL Repairs & Maintenance


  • Zero deductible on ALL claims.
  • The policy is 100% backed by Buchroeders and our customer driven culture. No third party is involved.
  • Claim process is hassle free. Unlike many insurance companies who are eager to collect premiums and hesitant to process claims Buchroeders Assurance makes the process easy.
  • Jewelry insurance is most often used for repairs ranging from $100-$500. Without Assurance, clients generally pay this out of pocket, not wanting to make a homeowners claim.
  • The most common repairs include refinishing, prong/tip replacement, chipped, lost or loose stones, pearl restringing, and more…
  • Your homeowners’ premiums are not subject to increases due to a jewelry claim.
  • Peace of mind! In order to keep your jewelry safe, Assurance is designed to auto renew so you don't have to worry about a lapse in coverage.


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