Custom Jewelry

Have you been searching for the perfect piece of jewelry for that special someone, but haven't been able to find exactly what you want? We can help. Buchroeders' specialists use CounterSketch, the latest in custom jewelry technology, to bring your vision to life.

Create a one of kind piece of jewelry that perfectly symbolizes your love. CounterSketch allows us to customize engraving, add diamonds or precious gemstones, modify shapes, pretty much anything you can think of we can customize. The best part is that your new design is displayed in 3D with stunning photo-realistic images so you really get a feel for what it will look like during the design process.




Do you love that your grandmother gave you her mother's ring, but aren't a fan of its' antique design? You don't have to sell it or trade it in to get a piece of jewelry that's more your style. CounterSketch can also be used to re-envision existing jewelry. Keep the sentiment behind your families' heirloom jewelry by reusing the gems and/or metal to create something that you can wear everyday that honors your families' history.


Do you have a custom jewelry idea you would like to speak to one of our CounterSketch specialists about?

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