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What is Diamond Symmetry?

According to mathematics, a line of symmetry has to do with the division of an object into different
equal parts. And this definition holds true in the world of diamonds. Diamond symmetry involves the balanced arrangement of the facets of a diamond and this phenomenon has an impact on the way light is absorbed or reflected.

A diamond with poor symmetry will reduce the brilliant glow because the light will be misdirected as a result of the incident light entering the wrong angles.

Importance of Diamond Symmetry

If a diamond’s symmetry is lacking, it can be visible to even untrained eyes and it may not sparkle and shine like a diamond with good symmetry. Meanwhile, diamonds with excellent symmetry are more costly, by about 10% to 15% due to the perfect attribute which allows it to disperse light. However, most people cannot tell the difference between a diamond with good symmetry and excellent symmetry without the aid of a microscope so selecting a diamond with good symmetry is a great way to get more bang for your buck.

Different Grades of Diamond Symmetry

Diamond Symmetry is classified according to how visible the defect is. When a diamond’s symmetry is not seen even when a 10x loupe is employed, such a diamond is said to be Excellent. For diamonds judged Very Good, the defects are extremely difficult to notice at 10x magnification. Good is where the defects become slightly visible using a 10x loupe magnification.

Although the symmetry is still declared Good because defects are hard to see, it doesn’t mean
that these defects do not exist. When the defects are very visible at 10x magnification and can be seen faintly with the eyes, they are called Fair. Finally, we have Poor diamond symmetry, with obtrusive defects. These diamonds are not sold here and are rarely seen in the market.

Even though you might not choose your diamond using the metrics of diamond symmetry, you should
do well to stay away from diamonds which appear skewed or unpolished.

It’s important to look at a diamond in person if you want to see the symmetry. Stop by Buchroeders Jewelers anytime for a one-on-one diamond consultation to see your some beautiful diamonds in person.

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