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Top 6 Engagement Ring Trends for Spring 2019

Spring has sprung and with it, we have been greeted with a some breathtaking new trends for the coming season. Here are our top 6 favorite trends for the new season.

1. Yellow Gold

For years, white metals dictated the wedding band industry. Recently, however, we have seen a growing interest in a departure from traditional white metals. You don’t need to look any farther than Instagram to see this trend in action. Many brides appreciate the vintage style of yellow gold, making the style one of the most popular styles we’ve seen this spring.

2. Dainty Styles

Delicate jewelry is classic, understated, feminine and subtle. It’s easy to see why these highly curated styles are popular in day-to-day pieces like engagement rings.

3. Gallery Detailing

It’s easy to fall in love with hidden details in engagement rings. Although these details are invisible to everyone else, the wearer can view the gorgeous details in their ring. This trend is perfect for the romantic who wants a ring that’s special, without having to wear their heart on their sleeve.

4. Modern Three Stone Settings

Meghan Markle’s stunning three stone engagement ring set the world abuzz when Prince Harry proposed in 2017. Two years later, this trend has become increasingly popular.

Three Stone engagement rings evoke a vintage romantic aestehtic.  We have seen an increased interest in modern three stone styles. Between the diamond shape, setting choice or the stone choice selection, there are virtually unlimited ways to wear this iconic engagement ring style.

5. Colored Gemstones

Since De Beer’s iconic 1932 campaign, engagement rings and white diamonds have become synonymous. However, recently a new trend has emerged for untraditional colored gemstones. Many people have shown a preference for colored center stones, thereby departing from the iconic white engagement ring.

6. Custom Engagement Rings

Your love is one of a kind. Why shouldn’t your engagement ring be? At Buchroeders, our team of diamond experts is here to help you to put together your the engagement ring of your dreams.

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