Tips For The Perfect Proposal

Are you thinking about proposing soon? Making it magical is so important because this is the day that the love of your life will remember for the rest of their life. You want to make sure that it’s picture perfect so that you can look at the photographs and fondly remember that day. Getting engaged is such a life-changing moment so it’s crucial that you nail down the perfect proposal!

Have the Perfect Ring

There are so many beautiful engagement rings but which ring would make her jaw drop? Buchroeders has hundreds of options stunning engagement rings to choose from! Let our jewelry experts help you choose which ring will make them scream “YES!” after you pop the question.

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Because you can’t have the perfect proposal without the perfect engagement ring, get started looking through the vast selection of engagement rings at Buchroeders here!

Hire a Photographer

One thing almost every woman wants at her proposal is a hidden photographer to capture the moment. There are hundreds of great professional photographers in every city.

However, if you don’t want to pay a professional photographer another good way to capture the moment is having friends or family hiding to take secret pictures. This is a great proposal idea because she will be able to celebrate her new engagement with friends and family immediately after you pop the question!

Make Sure Her Nails Are Done

This is a tricky part of the perfect proposal. How do you hint for her to get her nails done without tipping her off to your secret plan?

If you want to be extra sneaky, you could talk to her best gal pal and ask that she take your girlfriend out to get their nails done as a girls day. This way she won’t suspect anything about a future proposal. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate having nice nails so that her engagement ring selfies look amazing!

No matter how you propose or what style of engagement ring you’re looking for, Buchroeders has it all! Stop in today or shop engagement ring styles online now!

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