Three Alternatives to the Bouquet Toss

“All the single ladies, get on the dance floor, it’s time for the bouquet toss!”

The words have been forever etched in our brains. The bouquet toss has become a standard of modern weddings; however, this tradition is among the oldest wedding customs. Dating back hundreds of years to England, the bouquet toss first emerged at a time when it was considered good luck to touch a bride. Throngs of people would gather around a newly married woman and attempt to tear at her dress. To distract the crowds, brides would throw their bouquet and make a swift leap for the exit with her husband. Once they had successfully departed the ceremony, the groom would throw her garter. 

As time passed, catching the bouquet became a symbol of good luck. Over the years, the bouquet and garter toss became increasingly associated with the  “good fortune” that accompanied the act of finding a spouse, as the garter and bouquet tosses were relegated to single men and women, respectively. 

Today, popularity for this tradition has reached an all-time low. According to The Knot, less than half of couples will participate in the bouquet toss, and only 37% will opt to throw the bride’s garter.

However, forgoing this tradition poses a unique challenge: What should you do in its place? Although you could abandon the practice altogether, there are also a number of creative, and inclusive, options to consider instead. 

Here are some of our favorite alternatives to the bouquet toss:

1. Bouquet Presentation

Instead of hurling your bouquet at single friends’ heads, consider a more intentional option. A bouquet presentation allows brides to share the spotlight with some key figures in their lives, by breaking off a few blossoms for the bouquet as a special thank you, a la Cady Heron in Mean Girls.

2. DIY Bouquet Station

Set up a station for your guests to create their own bouquets and boutonnieres. This activity will entertain everyone at your reception, young and old alike. Moreover, it crosses off two checkboxes. Not only will it serve as a creative alternative to the bouquet toss, but the bouquets and boutonnieres will entertain your guests while also serving as party favors.

3. Anniversary Dance

Invite married guests to join you on the dance floor in a celebration of commitment. Invite your married friends onto the dance floor with an anniversary dance. Ask your DJ to eliminate couples based on how long they’ve been together. The couple that has been together the longest will receive the bouquet.

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