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These Are the Most Popular Engagement Rings Featured on Our Instagram From March

Whether you and your partner are looking to take the next step together, you’re single or if you’ve been married for decades, there is something magical about looking at engagement rings. As the saying goes, “a diamond is forever” and engagement rings serve as a tangible, beautiful and constant reminder of a couple’s relationship.

From a less symbolic standpoint, there is an undeniable significance to a piece of jewelry that a person chooses to wear each day of their lives.

Even people who aren’t in the market, peruse engagement rings online. The hashtag #engagementring currently has over 3.6 million posts and counting on Instagram.

Here are our top 16 most loved engagement rings on Instagram from March based on your likes and comments.

16. Straight Engagement Ring with Round Center Diamond

Love is in bloom with this classic straight engagement ring with a round center diamond. This lovely white gold ring features a 1.55 carat round diamond. Its classic style provides a gorgeous visual that allowed the ring to emerge as one of the most popular styles in our feed for March.

See the ring here:

15. East-West Bezel Set Emerald Engagement Ring

East-west settings provide a unique take on a classic style. Ultimately, this gorgeous bezel set emerald cut engagement ring provides a sleek, modern, yet classic engagement ring, perfect for the modern bride.

14. Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Halos can provide an additional pop to add even more drama to your engagement ring. The gorgeous diamond halo brings this Martin Flyer ring to a carat weight of 2.12. Additionally, this striking aesthetic differentiates the ring as one of our most popular on Instagram for March.

See the ring here:

13. Bold Halo Engagement Ring

Again, much like number 13, the double halo on this engagement ring adds additional drama to this striking engagement ring. This drama, consequently, earned this gorgeous ring a secure place among our most popular styles.

See the ring here:

12. Round Halo Engagement Ring with Wedding Band

This gorgeous halo round diamond engagement ring with the curved wedding band provides a dazzling visual affect.

11. Radiant Cut Straight Engagement Ring

This radiant cut diamond engagement ring evokes the perfect blend of clean lines and organic curves. These elements further differentiate this captivating ring, securing a place near the top ten most popular styles.

10. Pear Shaped Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This stunning three stone engagement ring incorporates a striking center diamond and two dazzling tapered baguettes on either side. Its striking aesthetic resonated well on Instagram, and brought the style into our top ten most popular styles.

9. Split Shank Oval Engagement Ring

This split shank oval-shaped engagement ring makes a gorgeous first impression.

8. Yellow Gold Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

This gold stacked wedding set strikes a perfect contrast between the hue of the white diamonds and these lovely ring’s yellow gold bands. That’s why the chic, boho style of the wedding set brought this engagement ring to the eighth most popular styles for March.

See the ring here:

7. Yellow Gold Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

This custom yellow gold oval was made by Buchroeders, exclusively designed for one of our customers. This ring is an absolute stunner, easily earning its spot as the seventh most popular style.

6. Three Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Round diamonds have historically made up 90% of diamond sales. However, just because this diamond shape is traditional, doesn’t mean it’s boring. In this photo, we showcased three different setting options for round diamonds.

5. Oval Straight Band Engagement Ring

Did you know that oval-shaped fancy diamonds offers the effect of a greater surface area without increasing carat weight? Likewise, the commanding size and clarity for this stunning ring differentiated the style and allowed the ring to emerge as the fifth most coveted ring in our line up for the month of March.

See the ring here:

4. Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

Pear shape diamonds are among the most popular fancy shapes available for an engagement ring. Likewise, these shapes are also among the most popular styles featured on Buchroeder’s social media styles for the month of April.

3. Cushion Cut Straight Engagement Ring

This striking elongated cushion paired with the stunning rose gold band evokes a stunning sense of equilibrium between the two lovely rings. This pairing delves into the mixed metals trend without looking mismatched, or unbalanced, therefore, it’s easy to see why this ring was the third most popular style on Instagram.

See the ring here:

2. Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring

This brilliant yellow gold engagement ring stood out among the most popular styles featured on our Instagram for the month of March. Moreover, the ring’s vibrant gold coloring will allow the diamond to stand out anywhere.

See the ring here:

1. Three Halo Shape Engagement Rings

This choice between halo engagement ring shapes has never been more difficult. This image depicting three halo styles was our most popular Instagram post from March. We asked our followers to vote on their favorite and pear shaped diamond emerged as the clear winner.

Which of these 16 engagement rings is your favorite? Leave a comment below! And don’t forget to follow @Buchroeders on Instagram for more gorgeous photos.

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