The Most Popular Engagement Rings on Instagram For April

We see a lot of exquisite jewelry, here at Buchroeders. However, every now and then we find a unique piece that really takes our breath away.

Here are 9 of our most popular engagement rings featured on our Instagram for the month of April based on our follower’s likes and comments.

9. Marquise Bypass Halo Engagement Ring

This lovely 2 ctw marquise diamond ring provides bold style. Between the stunning diamond shape, bypass setting, and east-west design, this gorgeous engagement ring provides a dazzling example of several of the biggest trends for engagement rings.

8. Halo Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald engagement rings are simple, elegant and classic. So, it’s easy to see why this engagement ring topped the list of our most popular styles for April. This stunning ring really pumps up the drama to deliver a striking but classic engagement ring option.

7. Gold East-West Engagement Ring

This dazzling engagement ring offers a bold combination of modern and retro with its vintage yellow gold setting and east-west set emerald diamond center stone. Ultimately, this ring is a maximalist dream, offering a bold and unique setting without sacrificing a dramatic center stone.

6. Pear Halo Engagement Ring

Pear-shaped diamonds evoke a dramatic sense of beauty. With this striking halo engagement ring and curved wedding band, it’s easy to see how this ring was at among the most popular styles featured on our Instagram during the month of April.

5. Rose Gold Three Stone Double Halo Engagement Ring

We have seen a continued resurgence of interest in rose gold styles. This lovely engagement ring plays off this rosy color by also incorporating a three stone ring with a double halo into its eclectic design.

4. Dainty Halo Engagement Ring

Next on our list, came this subtle but beautiful vintage style oval cut engagement ring. This ring’s lovely understated design really allows this oval engagement ring to shine. With a glimpse of this lovely ring, it’s easy to note the many hidden details and vintage flourishes that bring this engagement ring to the next level.

3. Three Stone Engagement Ring with Radiant Center Stone and Trapezoidal Side Diamonds

Since Harry and Meghan’s royal engagement, we have seen a huge upsurge in demand for three stone styles. However, the ring featured here offers a unique twist on the trend. With its stunning trapezoidal side stones that seem to lead the eye straight into an exquisite radiant cut center stone, this lovely stone certainly brings a picture perfect look.

2. Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

This gorgeous cushion cut engagement ring is an absolute dream. With its lovely halo, sumptuous center diamond and classic aesthetic, it’s easy to see why this ring placed as our second most popular engagement ring for the month of April.

1. Oval Straight Engagement Ring

No matter how many gorgeous rings we saw during the month of April, this lovely rose gold oval shaped straight band emerged as the most popular ring on our Instagram. This ring offers classic, iconic style, with a beautiful center stone, and striking setting.

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