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Our Favorite Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Yes way, rosé! From fashion to food and beauty to bibles, rose gold has taken the world by storm. Perhaps nowhere is this striking hue more apparent than in engagement rings.

Rose gold first originated in the 19th century in imperial Russia. There, jeweler to the czars, Carl Fabergé, blended copper and yellow gold to create a gorgeous pink-hued metal to adorn his celebrated Fabergé eggs. Demand for the alloy rapidly spread.

Originally known as, Russian Gold, the hue of this metal varies dramatically based on the ratio of copper to gold. “True Rose Gold” contains roughly 22.5% copper, 75% yellow gold and between 1-3% silver. The silver serves to lighten the overall tone of the metal.

Although this color has increased massively in popularity, it shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Penny Goldston, digital fashion editor at Marie Claire, told to the BBC, “I would say rose gold has become a pop culture phenomenon. It’s been around since 2015 but it’s still massively popular.”

It’s easy to understand this alloy’s appeal. Rose Gold offers a unique alternative to the more traditional golds and white metals. The uncommon beauty of the metal can also help rose gold rings to stand out from the whites and yellows of previous generations.

Here are our top favorite rose gold engagement rings

1. Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring

This gorgeous halo delivers a stunning romantic style and vintage design while the color provides a new twist on a classic design.

2. Dainty Rose Gold Engagement Ring

This delicate starry engagement ring is perfectly understated without vanishing completely. It’s unique color and shape makes it the perfect ring for someone looking to balance both minimalist and maximalist design.

3. Oval Straight Engagement Ring

This oval cut diamond in a rose gold setting offers the ultimate in classic design.

4. Double Halo Three Stone
Engagement Ring

This double halo three stone combines three of this season’s strongest trends: Rose Gold, Bold Halos and Three Stone Styles.

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