Mens Wedding Band Trends

You’ve found your perfect engagement ring and wedding band, but have you thought of which wedding band is perfect for your man? Here are three of the most popular wedding band trends for the man in your life!

Black Men’s Wedding Band

This black wedding band is actually made of diamonds that were pressed into a solid band. A great aspect of this black Elysium band is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee against defect. Because the wedding band is made of 100% diamond it is actually forty times harder than gold and can’t be scratched.

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Textured Men’s Wedding Band

Textured men’s wedding bands are very popular options among men these days because it’s a subtle way to add some style to your wedding band and camouflage scratches. There are tons of different textures and finishes from hammered, like in the ring below, to a satin finish. The experts at Buchroeders can help you decide on the perfect finish for you.

An example of a men’s wedding band with a hammered finish.

On-The-Go Men’s Wedding Band

Qalo Band

Qalo bands deliver incredible flexibility and comfort without sacrificing style. These silicone bands are able to withstand up to 50 pounds of force, boiling temperatures and freezing colds, making this ring the perfect option for any active man.

Custom Mens Wedding Band

Custom Claddagh Wedding Band

This is an example of a custom men’s wedding band that has meaning for the couple. This couple wanted to incorporate the Claddagh design into both of their wedding bands because the Claddagh design incorporates hands, which represent friendship, hearts that represent love and the crown that represents loyalty.

Custom Claddagh wedding band.

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If you’re looking for a fall mens wedding band that you’ll want to wear for the rest of your life, the jewelry experts at Buchroeders are always ready to help! Contact us today or stop by our store today to browse our large selection of unique mens wedding.!

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