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Ideas for a Unique Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

It can be difficult to find unique wedding traditions for your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite unique wedding traditions that you can incorporate into your big day!

Something Old

A great way to incorporate something old into your wedding jewelry is creating a custom wedding band or engagement ring from a family heirloom. One great example of this is the custom engagement ring we helped design for Ashely Wilcox.

Ashley chose to use her mother’s diamond from her engagement ring. Ashley said, “My mother passed away when I was 21 and my dad gifted me her engagement ring, which was a solitaire marquise.”

When Ashley came into Buchroeders to meet with Sara for the first time she brought along her mother’s engagement ring. Ashley explained to Sara that for her custom engagement ring she wanted to incorporate just the diamond from her mother’s ring. She said that the solitaire marquise wasn’t really her personal style but she still wanted something very special to have her mother with her at all times.

Get started on your own custom engagement ring today!

Something New

A beautiful way to incorporate your something new is to buy some new beautiful earrings for your big day. We love this .66CTW Princess diamond stud earrings and maybe they can be a “something old” for someone else someday.

These gorgeous earrings are absolutely stunning! They are the perfect compliment to any wedding dress. Comprised of 14 karat white gold, the earrings are set with scintillating princess cut diamonds that are flawless to the naked eye. These diamonds have a combined total weight of 0.66 carats and grade K/SI2 in quality.

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Something Borrowed

A beautiful way to incorporate the something borrowed wedding tradition is wearing a piece of jewelry that is a family heirloom. For example, maybe your grandmother has a beautiful pearl necklace, you could wear that as a part of your wedding jewelry and show the special bond you have with your grandma. Or ask your local jewelry store if they’d be will to rent you a piece of jewelry for the day.

Something Blue

There are a few ways to incorporate something blue in a subtle, yet beautiful way. One way to incorporate something blue are these stunning white gold 2.66CTW sapphire earrings.

Another way to incorporate your something blue is to stitch an important name in blue on the inside of your wedding dress.  You could stitch a note from your parents or even the name of a loved one who couldn’t be there for your wedding.

Overall, if you need help incorporating these unique wedding traditions into your wedding, Buchroeders is here to help! Visit us today to get started!


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