How to Include Family Who Can’t be at Your Wedding

It can be difficult when one of your family, friends or loved ones can’t make it to your wedding, for whatever reason. However, there are many ways that you can include family who can’t be at your wedding into your big day. We’ve included a few of our favorites ways to incorporate your loved ones into your wedding day!

Incorporate A Family Gemstone

If you’ve had a close family member pass away, a beautiful way to make them a part of your wedding day is to use a gemstone of theirs in your wedding band or engagement ring.

An example of this is when Buchroeder’s customer Ashely created a custom engagement ring using her mother’s diamond. For her, this is not just any custom engagement ring because it incorporates something that belonged to her mother. Ashley said, “My mother passed away when I was 21 and my dad gifted me her engagement ring, which was a solitaire marquise.”

She said, “We wanted to take the diamond and make a custom creation. Giving someone my irreplaceable mother’s ring is very scary. But honestly, once we got word that they had sent the ring out and we got the Computer Aided Designs (CADs) back, I knew that I had nothing to worry about. Once I started the process with Sara I never had a fear that anything would happen to my mother’s diamond. Buchroeders is a place you can completely trust with your keepsakes.”

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Embroider Their Name in Your Dress

Another beautiful way to include family that can’t make it to your wedding is to get their name embroidered onto the inside of your wedding dress or your groom’s tux or tie. This is such a unique idea and will make for beautiful photos when the photographer takes pictures of the embroidery.

Another way to make this extra special is to use this as your “something blue” and have it embroidered in blue. That way you’re including a family member but also keeping up with a fun wedding tradition.

Incorporate Their Photo

It’s fun to include family photos into the decor of your wedding and it’s a great way to incorporate people who can’t be there for the big day. Some ways to include photos are a photo wall or family tree, with the table numbers, or in the flower arrangements. One of our favorite ways is to tie a locket on your bouquet with pictures of family members who have passed away. If you don’t have a photo you could do the same thing with a piece of their jewelry.

No matter how you want to include family in your wedding, it will be special for everything involved. If you’re looking to create a beautiful piece of custom jewelry, get started with the custom jewelry experts at Buchroeders today!  

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