How to Drop Hints About the Type of Engagement Ring You Want

So you think your significant other is going to propose soon. Or maybe the two have you have discussed it and you know they’re going to propose soon. No matter the situation, there are many great ways to drop hints about the style of engagement ring that you want. Although surprises can be fun, getting the ring of your dreams is important. And sometimes, without any direction, you could end up with a ring that’s beautiful, but not quite what you had in mind. So that’s why we have prepared these three easy tips for you to hint about what style of engagement ring you want!

Tell Their Friend

A great way to drop a hint is to do it indirectly. You could mention to your significant other’s best friend that you really love three stone engagement rings and make it clear that you would hope they subtly pass the information along.


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In addition, you could also tell members of their family. If you mention to their mom or sister that you prefer rose gold, you can be pretty certain that they will pick up on the hint and will let your significant other know exactly what style you’re looking for!


Tag Him in Pictures

This hinting method is much less subtle than the others but it’s very effective! If you follow engagement ring accounts such as @Buchroeders you can find your favorite engagement ring pictures and tag your boyfriend in the comments.


Tagging someone in an Instagram or Facebook image is much more subtle than texting the picture to them. If you find one that you really love, your boyfriend will definitely get the hint if you tag him in a picture!


Leave Your Phone or Computer Open

Say you’re scrolling through Pinterst (follow Buchroeders here) and you find a beautiful ring that you love the style of! Well, set that page aside in a separate browser tab. Then, next time you leave the computer be sure to keep that tab open so that your boyfriend has to see it when he opens the computer. This is a great way of leaving a subtle hint that makes him think he’s being sneaky and clever. Your boyfriend will just happen to think he came across your favorite ring when in reality you set it up for him to find! Genius!

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