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Having a Destination Wedding? Tips For Taking Care of Your Wedding Jewelry

Destination weddings are so much fun. But have you thought about the best ways to take care of your engagement ring and wedding band while you’re there? We’ve compiled our expert tips for keeping your wedding jewelry safe while you’re at your destination wedding!

Get Them Checked & Cleaned Before You Go

You want to make sure that your engagement ring and wedding bands are in prime condition before you leave on any trip, but especially before you leave for your destination wedding.  If you get to your destination and realize you have a loose diamond, there’s not much you can do about it before the wedding. However, if you have an expert jeweler clean and check your rings before you leave you can feel confident that your rings are going to be beautiful and secure!

Keep It In The Ring Box When Not Wearing It

Another important thing when traveling with your wedding jewelry is not to lose it. Many people have a spot at home where they keep their rings when not wearing them, it’s important to establish a “spot” on vacation too. At home, you may leave them on a counter or a nightstand but we recommend keeping them somewhere a little more secure on vacation especially if you’re going to have hospitality cleaning your room.

We recommend keeping your engagement ring and wedding bands in the ring box and in the room safe when you’re not wearing them. If your room doesn’t have a safe you could also keep them in a box in an interior box of your suitcase or better yet get a lock for your suitcase. The important thing is to not keep it where someone could just stumble across it. It’s important to keep it in the box because delicate bands can get lost in nooks and crannies. And if ydestinationtion wedding is on a beach be extra careful with your engagement ring and wedding bands around water and sand!

Keep Wedding Bands In Your Carry On

It’s crucial that you don’t put your wedding bands in your checked bags when packing for your destination wedding. Too many people end up with lost luggage and are without their rings for their destination wedding. If you keep your wedding jewelry in your carry on you can be sure that they will make it to your destination.

Get Your Rings Insured

Finally, the Buchroeders Assurance Program is your best option to protect your jewelry. It’s a comprehensive limited warranty that protects your jewelry, offering you peace of mind. Our plan only requires one payment per year and has no deductible and no annual inspections after the initial evaluation.

Buchroeder’s offers a limited warranty Assurance program that covers your ring in case of loss, theft, or damage. You will be covered for any repairs such as: replacing prongs, refinishing, lost or chipped stones, sizing and soldering for repair purposes.

Get your assurance policy today!

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