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Anatomy of an Engagement Ring

Itching to learn to speak engagement ring jargon so you can tell the jewelers exactly what you want? Buchroeders has you covered! Check out our “Anatomy of an Engagement Ring” graphic to learn the terms and definitions you need to…

Holidays Jewelry

Customize your Mother’s Day gift

  Your mom is one of a kind, so celebrate her this Mother’s Day with a personalized gift from Buchroeders. We picked our favorite pieces of customized family jewelry with settings for up to nine birthstones.…


5 gemstones with meanings you wouldn’t expect

If you’re looking for a present for a loved one or yourself with some meaning behind it, consider gifting a gemstone. These five gems have rich histories and even deeper significance, all related to love. Check out Buchroeder’s in-store…

Holidays Jewelry

6 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Candy gets consumed, flowers last a week, but diamonds are forever. These six gift ideas for Valentine’s Day are sure to make this year a unforgettable, although you can’t go wrong with candy, flowers and diamonds 😉…


4 Stunning Buchroeders Rings for the Spring

With winter’s harsh frost finally behind us, we’re all looking forward to the spring warmth to shake off that last bit of chill. And what better way to welcome the bright days of spring than with the sparkle of…